From PV to e-fleet: Neubacher Metalltechnik relies on neoom

The family business Neubacher Metalltechnik in Traun thinks innovatively and has recognized that the shift to renewable energy is not only reflected in a positive climate balance, but is also profitable in economic terms. Self-generated energy renders you independent from conventional energy providers and simultaneously makes an important contribution to a sustainable energy future. neoom is a strong partner to make this a reality.

The energy transition depends on innovative systems and joint efforts. And neoom is actively helping to shape it. On the one hand, by offering storage solutions that are coupled to photovoltaic systems. On the other hand, through the NTUITY energy management platform, which smartly controls and optimizes energy flows between the various devices.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-22 um 19.41.53Neubacher Metalltechnik's wish - the greatest possible independence from conventional energy providers - can thus be implemented perfectly. The jointly drafted concept of PV system, electricity storage, smart energy management and charging infrastructure for the e-vehicle fleet have now become reality. "In terms of sustainability, we were looking for a regional partner for the project, which we found in neoom. We are perfectly satisfied with the extensive support on the subject of sustainable energy generation and use," says Christoph Neubacher, Managing Director of Neubacher Metalltechnik GmbH.

At the company premises in Traun, a 189 kWp photovoltaic system has been installed. The generated electricity - if it is not used right away - is stored in a BLOKK storage system with a capacity of 104 kWh and an output of 50 kW.


Everything at a glance

With NTUITY, the entire plant with its generated and consumed power can always be monitored live. In case of problems or if updates are necessary, an email informs the user and everything can be viewed in the Internet of Energy platform in detail.

During the first two months, 38.1 MWh of electricity have already been generated, thus saving 3.1 tons of CO2.

Vehicle fleet electric with self-generated green electricity

At the same time, Neubacher has decided to convert its vehicle fleet. The electric vehicles should additionally contribute to the improvement of the CO2 balance. For this purpose, a BOXX wallbox with 22 kW was installed at the same time as the photovoltaic system. Thus, the vehicles can be charged with their own electricity. The whole system will be managed by NTUITY. The existing charging technology will also be integrated into the platform, allowing the energy flows to be optimally and efficiently managed.

Christoph Neubacher GF Neubacher Metalltechnik
"neoom has offered us efficient and customized solutions. On our way to a positive CO2 balance and the highest possible degree of autonomy from conventional energy providers, we feel very well looked after."
Christoph Neubacher
Geschäftsführer Neubacher Metalltechnik
Walter Kreisel CEO neoom

"The modular BLOKK system is easy to set up, self-explanatory in its operation and ensures that electricity can be accessed exactly when it is needed. Even if the PV system is producing none or unsifficient energy at the moment."

Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries

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