Store power at a large scale

neoom BLOKK energy storage is a complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software. It enables maximum savings through optimization of self-consumption and peak shaving behind-the-meter.

Scalable in size and application

up to megawatt range

neoom BLOKK energy storage is a scalable and complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software. Due to its modular design BLOKK is used by smaller commercial enterprises as well as in large-scale installations and in the industry up to megawatt range. Applications include the optimization of self-produced power, peak shaving and the compensation of reactive power.

Efficient and intelligent

Automatic load balancing through intuitive software

The dual mode of operation (cover peak loads and increase self-consumption) enables largest possible savings in electricity costs. The integrated energy management software NTUITY controls the entire energy infrastructure intelligently and automatically. It is independen of manufacturer and location. Consumers, generators and storage can be monitored and controlled in real time anytime and anywhere with NTUITY.

Technical specs

neoom BLOKK

Energy Storage

16 kW / 36 kW / 55 kW / 80 kW / 120 kW / 160 kW / 235 kW / 300 kW

Master BLOKK

Rated power16 kW / 36 kW / 55 kW / 80 kW / 120 kW / 160kW / 235 kW /  300 kW
Operating voltage3 phase, 400V 50/60 Hz
Software and MonitoringIntegrated energy management software NTUITY
Interface / ConnectionsTouch panel 13“, web interface / TCP-IP, RS485, EtherCAT
CertificatesÖVE / ÖNORM / VDE / CEI / EN / CE
OptionsEquivalent power supply, off grid

Battery BLOKK's

System capacity31 kWh / 46 kWh / 62 kWh / 99 kWh / 139 kWh / 199 kWh / 231 kWh / 289 kWh / 398 kWh / 497 kWh / 597 kWh / 696 kWh / 796 kWh up to 3 MWh
Cycles5000 (90% DOD)
Warranty2 years, 10 years manufacturer warranty for battery modules 
CertificatesTÜV / IEC62619 / CE

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