The off-grid storage solution.

BLOKK Light NEA is the simple solution for electricity storage with emergency power operation. Including intuitive energy management at an attractive price-performance ratio.

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Backup power supply
made easy

With BLOKK Light EPS, electricity is available at all times. Even if the central grid fails. There is no easier way to guarantee grid backup operation, and all this at an attractive price-performance ratio.

BLOKK Light EPS offers small and medium-sized commercial businesses in particular an attractive all-round package. In addition to the possibility of grid backup operation, the company‘s own power is continuously optimized, peak currents are intercepted and reactive power is compensated.

and intuitive

BLOKK Light EPS impresses with highest efficiency, state of the art electronics, the use of high quality Li-Ion LFP technology and most importantly the integrated intuitive industrial level battery and energy management system. It also features state-of-the-art connectivity to all other devices in the field and services in the cloud to be ready for the future today.

Technical specs

neoom BLOKK Light EPS

Energy storage
Available within a few weeks
Rated power30 kW in parallel and backup power supply operation
Operating voltage3 phase, 400V 50/60 Hz
EMS control and softwareIndustry level PLC with energy management software NTUITY on Board
Interface / ConnectionsWeb interface / TCP-IP, RS485
OptionsOn-Grid, Off-Grid, Emergency Power Supply
System capacity61,6 kWh
Cycles5000 (90% DOD)
Warranty5 years on the inverter (optionally 10 years),
10 years manufacturer warranty for battery modules
CertificatesÖVE / ÖNORM / IEC / EN / VDE / CE / TÜV
Dimensions ( w x h x d )1200 mm x 2160 mm x 800 mm

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