The flexible power storage with corners and edges

neoom KJUUBE is the ultimate energy storage for home and professional use with capacities ranging from 9.6 kWh to 32 kWh.

More autonomy

Save costs and increase independence

neoom KJUUBE is the energy storage that enables you to retake control over your power consumption. Store electricity in its most efficient form and increase the share you produce for yourself. As a result, you will reduce your electricity bill and become independent from your energy supplier.

Maximum flexibility

Matches your application exactly

neoom KJUUBE will impress you with its unique functions, features, design and flexibility. KJUUBE is the solution for every energy challenge you might have: from 6 to 10 kW in power, 9.6 kWh to 32 kWh in capacity, KJUUBE is completely modular and can be placed almost anywhere you want.

Technical specs

neoom KJUUBE

Home Storage

9.6 kWh to 32 kWh


Rated power 6 kW  /  8 kW  /  10 kW 8 kW  /  10 kW
Operating voltage 3-phase 400V 50 / 60 Hz
PV / Number MPP yes / 2x no
Emergency power / Backup Unit yes / optional
Operation /  Interface display with buttons / network Modbus TCP-IP
Meter / Comunication included / Modbus RTU RS 485
Modularity min / max 2 / 5 battery KJUUBE‘s
Certificates ÖVE – ÖNORM / VDE / CEI / EN / CE
Dimensions (w x h x d) 561 mm x 1440 mm x 350 mm

Master KJUUBE's

Model 9,6 kWh / 12 kWh / 14,2 kWh / 17,8 kWh / 21,3 kWh / 24,9 kWh / 28,4 kWh / 32,0 kWh
Cycles 5000 (90% DoD)
Guaranteed / Expected battery life 2 years / 10+ years
Certificates TÜV / IEC62619 / CE
Dimensions (w x h x d) 561 mm x 480 mm x 350 mm

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