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The availability of e-charging points at the workplace, in residential buildings and in public spaces is becoming increasingly important. A1 and SMATRICS have developed a comprehensive solution for companies and trust in neoom® charging and storage solutions.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as a result of technological progress, and a charging infrastructure must therefore be created at the workplace, at home and in public places. With the A1 Wallbox, A1 Wallbox Eco and A1 Charger, A1 and SMATRICS offer business customers a comprehensive range of services in the field of e-Mobility, which combines technical know-how, infrastructure and service in the best possible quality. The offer is aimed at property developers, property managers and companies with their own vehicle fleets where legal regulations to reduce fleet emissions will cause the greatest need for action in the near future.

For large companies, e-mobility is an opportunity and an obligation as well as a resource and a business model. As a 360-degree provider, we deliver individual solutions from a single source. From planning and network construction to software for billing, customer management and technical service. So our customers can concentrate on their business.
Dr. Michael-Viktor Fischer
Managing Director of SMATRICS

Charging technology from neoom® „Made in Austria“

The two companies rely on neoom® charging technology from W&KREISEL in Upper Austria. Intelligent remote monitoring, fast troubleshooting and optimally maintained hardware ensure smooth operation.

The transition to e-mobility is one of the drivers for the energy revolution. This requires the best products and a partnership at eye level, from supplier to end customer.
Walter Kreisel
CEO & Founder of W&KREISEL

The A1 Wallbox and A1 Wallbox Eco are based on the neoom® products BOXX and WHIZZY respectively. The A1 Charger is based on the popular neoom® BOOGIE design charging station. All products are supplied with their own “A1 powered by SMATRICS” label.


The intelligent design charging station

neoom BOOGIE is characterized by its modern design and easy handling and is suitable for private and public use.

A1 Storage energy storage powered by neoom®

A1 Storage also gives enterprises the ability to store power in its most efficient form and increase self utilization. This reduces energy and grid costs and increases independence from the energy supplier. All scenarios, from low to high performance as well as low to maximum storage capacity can be realized. A1 Storage also relies on proven and scalable neoom® products: KJUUBE, the flexible home storage and BLOKK, the scalable large storage for commercial and industry.


The flexible home storage

neoom KJUUBE is the ultimate energy storage for home and professional use with capacities ranging from 9.6 kWh to 63,9 kWh.

Everything for the electric car

In addition to the A1 Wallbox and the A1 Charger, customers receive an A1 charging card and a monthly report on the charging infrastructure. This is based on SMATRICS Station Management, a professional and at the same time uncomplicated and cost-effective loading solution for single or multiple locations. SMATRICS takes over the operation of the charging stations and also offers installation and commissioning. Companies receive 24/7 support via the A1 call center.

Our vehicles are becoming smarter as a result of networking, and electric cars are becoming increasingly popular on the global market. Our Smart Mobility offerings for businesses are characterised by tailor-made digital solutions, expertise and the best service.
Marcus Grausam
CEO A1 Austria

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neoom® (charging systems and power storage from W&KREISEL) is the new brand from Upper Austria dealing with new sustainable energy systems to increase own power, reduce energy peaks, enable e-mobility, at the same time relieve networks and above all reduce energy costs. With neoom® products you strive for independence from energy prices and demand a reliable and fail-safe system. You shape your own energy future and take climate protection seriously. They want to be part of the energy revolution because it makes sense and pays off.

W&KREISEL GmbH is an innovation leader in the field of electrification and has recognized the megatrends of decarbonization, digitalization, decentralization and e-mobility at all levels, taking the necessary energy transition to a new level. Since 2011, Walter Kreisel and his team have been working on the topic of electrification and digitization of infrastructure and buildings. With perfectly coordinated hardware and software products, the company and its team create ecological and economical products and energy systems for stationary use. W&KREISEL thus uses the full potential of renewable energies to make the energy revolution a tangible experience for everyone. The company has offices in Freistadt and Vienna with more than 30 employees.

A1 is Austria’s leading communications provider with more than 5.3 million mobile customers and more than 2 million fixed-network lines. Customers benefit from a comprehensive, one-stop offering consisting of voice telephony, Internet access, digital cable television, data and IT solutions, wholesale services and mobile business and payment solutions. The brands A1, bob, Red Bull MOBILE and Yesss! stand for highest quality and smart services. As a responsible company, A1 integrates socially relevant and environmental concerns into its core business.

SMATRICS is a leading provider of electric mobility services and is the first and only provider to operate a nationwide high-performance charging network in Austria and beyond. The range of services also includes tailor-made charging solutions for companies, their employees, customers and guests. SMATRICS offers all services from a single source, from installation and operation of the infrastructure to individual billing models and white label offers.


W&KREISEL / neoom
Daniela Lueger
+43 720 590033 40

Mag. Livia Dandrea-Böhm
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Dipl.-BW Birgit Wildburger
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