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neoom and Enerix share a passion for decentralized energy systems. The cooperation with the company in Eisenstadt has existed for more than a year. Together, customized solutions for power generation, power storage and use, and e-mobility are developed and implemented for customers.  
"For us at neoom, the energy transition is moving too slowly. We want to set a faster pace, especially in the area of decentralization. After all, fossil fuels are running out, while wind, sun and water are virtually infinitely available and every building can benefit from them and thus minimize its CO2 footprint. Together with our partner companies, we provide the right combination of hardware and software."
Walter Kreisel
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries
Energy generation as a circular economy – together into the energy future
The energy transition will only be possible if everyone makes a joint effort. This requires companies that offer solutions for it and are willing to continuously develop. neoom and Enerix are the perfect duo here. neoom and Enerix are united by their vision of offering customers tailored solutions, outstanding support and products that are largely “made in Austria”. This is what makes the collaboration so successful. Because together, the energy transition becomes possible.
Cooperation at eye level
"We at Enerix are on fire for alternative energy supply and e-mobility. We live that. Our company is powered by a 16 kWp PV system and will soon add another 10 kWp. We have two electricity storage units and five of our nine company cars are e-vehicles. What we sell to our customers is already a reality for us."
Harald Stainer
Managing Director of Enerix Eisenstadt

Become a neoom partner

Do you also want to become a true neoom expert and drive the energy revolution forward together? By partnering with W&KREISEL and neoom, you can now realize unique holistic new energy solutions that offer your customers sustainable benefits, flexibility as well as security of supply and a secure future. Benefit from a strong cooperation and contact us!