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Photovoltaics and home power storage are becoming more and more popular with property owners. This is due not only to greater public awareness of the impending climate crisis and increasingly generous government subsidies, but also to the fact that it pays off in the long term. But the development goes even further, as new real estate projects are now increasingly focusing on energy self-sufficiency. In the municipality of Freistadt in Upper Austria’s Mühlviertel district, this is currently being demonstrated by a very special project:

A complex with 25 residential units is being built there under the name Freiraum Freistadt, and when completed it will be one of the most modern residential buildings in Austria.

Energy self-sufficient through the power of innovation

Thanks to modern spatial concepts, generous open areas and very high-quality fixtures and amenities, the apartments meet the highest expectations. But what takes the project to a whole new level is the innovative energy concept: thanks to the combined expertise of the companies involved, the Freiraum Freistadt will be energy self-sufficient. This means that, thanks to an installed photovoltaic system with combined neoom battery storage and Ntuity’s state-of-the-art energy management system, the building will be able to supply itself completely with electricity in the future. What sounded like a utopia just a few years ago, or at least required enormous investments, is already reality today. No wonder that a large share of the apartments had already been sold before construction began.

PV-Fassade Freiraum Freistadt
Foto: Freiraum Freistadt / b3d
Virtual Reality Experience

But the innovative power does not stop at the modern energy concept. Thanks to the latest technology, interested parties can now view the available apartments in advance: with the help of VR glasses, they can take a walk through the apartments and gain an impression of the properties in a way that would never be possible with photos and floor plans alone. The team also relies entirely on digital technologies – interested parties can also arrange online meetings and live chat.

The project is supported by Andreas Stumbauer, Walter Kreisel and the owner of the electrical store in Freistadt, Peter Haghofer: local entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in the project, contributing their many years of experience and demonstrating today with this project what real estate projects of the future should look like.

The official ground-breaking ceremony took place recently. Pictured from left to right: Walter Kreisel sen., Sigrun Teufer-Peyrl, Christoph Schnaitter (Holzhaider), Andreas Stumbauer, Peter Grausam (Stumbauer Planungs GmbH), Mayor Elisabeth Teufer, Construction Manager Gerald Traxler, Peter Haghofer, Roman Diesenreiter (neoom) and Christian Huber (Sparkasse Freistadt).
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