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KJUUBE and intelligent energy management for more energy independence

In order for future generations to have a planet worth living on, we need to rethink the way we generate and use energy. We are convinced that this requires the perfect interaction of hardware and software and are therefore tirelessly working on new and better solutions.

Together with our partner companies, we are able to deliver these solutions to end users. Lemp Energietechnik from Marbach am Felde has recently decided to step up its own contribution to the sustainable use of resources. A photovoltaic system was already generating electricity. To make sure that this power can now also be stored and used whenever needed, a 30 KW KJUUBE home storage system with a capacity of 149 kWh was installed. In addition, a further partnership was also established straight away.

"Only if electricity is also used where it is generated can the load on the power grids be relieved and emissions minimized. Decentralization is one of the biggest factors in ensuring that the energy transition succeeds. Companies and homeowners who see the writing on the wall here and invest in sustainable energy generation are acting as role models"
Walter Kreisel
CEO neoom + impact invest, NTUITY & Imhotep.Industries

To make the best possible use of the energy generated, intelligent energy control and management are also required. At Lemp Energietechnik, this is taken care of by the BEAAM Internet of Energy Gateway in combination with the NTUITY energy management system. On top of that, a BOOGIE charging station guarantees mobility.

"It is very important to us that we use resources responsibly and save energy where possible in order to protect the environment. In neoom, we have found a regional partner who completely shares this philosophy. The cooperation is uncomplicated and the handling of our project went smoothly,."
Matthias Lemp
Matthias Lemp
Gründer und Geschäftsführer von Lemp Energietechnik

Matthias Lemp, founder and managing director of Lemp Energietechnik, is happy to report. He has been running the company for 15 years and, just like neoom, is passionate about individual solutions that help customers become energy self-sufficient.