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Power to the people

Renewable energy communities (RECs) are one of the cornerstones for achieving climate targets and expanding decentralized energy supply. Many view them as the power plants of the future, as they offer numerous advantages over their fossil-fuel predecessors.


Forging a path to the energy transition

The basis of the energy transition is the decentralization of energy generation. With the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG), Austria is now taking a pioneering role worldwide in the liberalization of the energy infrastructure.


Time to change gears

Even though electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, a recent study shows that many people still have some reservations. We take a closer look at the most widespread complaints and dispel the biggest misconceptions.


The pressure is on

Recently, the German Constitutional Court dropped a bombshell and announced that, from its point of view, the national climate protection law falls short. Hence, we take a look at how CO2 emissions can be reduced most effectively through a combination of government intervention and free market principles.

Grafik mit PV-Anlage, Stromspeicher und Windräder

Setting the stage for the energy transition

A major disadvantage of renewable energy sources is that their energy generation does not always cover the current electricity demand, as it is highly dependent on changing environmental factors like the weather. Connecting these energy sources to a battery storage system can thus help to balance out the fluctuations in energy generation. Widespread deployment of this decentralized flexibility will help renewable energies achieve a breakthrough.