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Memodo, a leading European photovoltaic wholesaler, is adding the BLOKK large scale energy storage from neoom group to its product portfolio.

The Munich-based company Memodo, one of the leading wholesalers for photovoltaics in Europe, is expanding its product portfolio with the neoom group’s BLOKK industrial energy storage system. Memodo is an ideal partner for the Upper Austrian company, as both share the vision of a greener future and are committed to driving forward the energy transition with the help of the latest technologies. By joining forces, they are now one step closer to this goal. Thanks to Memodo’s Europe-wide logistics network and their comprehensive range of consulting services, in the future customers will be able to benefit even more easily from the neoom group’s innovative storage solutions and to find qualified experts.

Memodo is one of the leading wholesalers for photovoltaics in Europe. We specialise in electricity storage systems for homes and businesses, and place great value on technical consulting and support in system planning. Just like neoom, we are a driving force for a clean energy future and renewable energies in the commercial sector. For us, the neoom Blokk is the 'all-rounder' among the commercial storage units, which enables our customers to ideally serve many different applications. These include charging electric cars and retrofitting photovoltaic systems with storage units. We are particularly enthusiastic about the intelligent control system, the well thought-out concept and the services provided by neoom.
Daniel Schmitt
Founder & CEO Memodo

BLOKK – The scalable large storage system for business and industry

The neoom BLOKK is a scalable complete system consisting of battery storage and the NTUITY energy management system.

neoom BLOKK Interface

Due to its modular design, the system is suitable for small commercial operations as well as for large-scale plants and for use in industry up into the megawatt range. This includes the optimization of in-house power and connected loads, peak currents and the compensation of reactive power. Thanks to the dual mode of operation (covering peak loads and increasing the share of in-house consumption), the greatest possible reduction in electricity costs can be achieved.

The integrated energy management software NTUITY automatically controls the entire energy infrastructure, independent of manufacturer and location. Consumers, producers and storage facilities can be monitored and controlled with NTUITY at any time and from anywhere in real time. A special feature of the software is a machine learning algorithm that develops forecasts from energy consumption and automatically provides the necessary power. This enables the storage system to show its strengths, particularly in the area of peak load capping and in the Time of Use / EV charging stations sector.   


“Many thanks to Memodo for the great cooperation – partnership is the heart and soul of the neoom group. We look forward to working with Memodo and their dealers to drive the energy revolution!”
Walter Kreisel
Founder & CEO neoom group gmbh

About Memodo GmbH

As a photovoltaic wholesaler, Memodo is driving the energy transition together with strong partners and the latest technology. Memodo is one of the leading wholesalers in Germany and has made a name for itself as an expert in electricity storage. In its photovoltaic shop, the Munich-based company offers complete solutions for homes and businesses. In addition to solar modules and electricity storage units, the company also sells inverters, EV charging stations, heat pumps, heating elements and smart home appliances.

Memodo’s team of more than 30 experts is committed to providing customers with the best technical advice at all times and to sharing and constantly expanding its expert knowledge. The expertise that Memodo, a pioneer from the very beginning, offers and has shared with its more than 2500 partner companies in over 500 training courses is part of the recipe for success.