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With the photovoltaic system installed on the roof of their new 1,000 square meter warehouse, including a combined battery storage system from neoom, the Reichhart car dealership in Mauthausen recently made an investment in the future that will pay off double. On the one hand, the traditional company is actively supporting the climate targets for 2030 proclaimed by the Austrian Federal Government; achieving them requires a massive expansion of renewable energies in Austria and a tenfold increase in the currently installed photovoltaic capacity.

Most of all, however, this represents an extremely sound financial investment. Thanks to the integration of the 104 kWh neoom BLOKK commercial storage unit, the share of in-house consumption of the installed 100 kW photovoltaic system could not only be significantly increased, but from now on the company can even be completely self-sufficient with the help of solar energy. This is energy independence in action, which pays for itself quickly in view of rising electricity prices.

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Power Storage
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PV Output
Charging Station
This project is a good example for the relevance of battery storage combined with PV systems. As important as PV systems are for the success of the energy transition and in the realization of such projects, they can only develop their full potential in combination with a coupled battery storage system. In this case, it was only with the neoom BLOKK that it was possible to raise the share of in-house consumption to the required level.
This project was finally rounded off by the installation of four additional neoom BOXX e-charging stations around the car dealership. This will provide customers with an even better charging infrastructure in the future and promotes the growth of electric vehicles. Furthermore, preparations are already underway to make the e-charging stations accessible to the public in the future, thus improving the coverage of e-charging stations in the region. In this way the company is fully in line with the Swedish car manufacturer and partner, who recently presented its first fully electric model and has set the goal that every second Volvo sold by 2025 should be an electric vehicle.

Achieving energy self-sufficiency ultimately requires adequate energy management. The Reichhart car dealership relies on the NTUITY energy management platform, which analyzes and optimizes energy flow using artificial intelligence. This software as a service solution from neoom guarantees that there are no unnecessary power peaks and that the self-generated energy is used to its full potential at all times. This is all the more important in combination with the existing charging stations, which can otherwise generate high charging peaks.

Internet of energy platform
The NTUITY platform networks any number of sites, measures and controls all devices, and informs and alerts their users. In this way, the energy flow can be optimally managed to provide energy safely and cost-effectively in the right quantity at the right time.
The warehouse, which was completed in just seven months, will be able to store more than 8,000 tires in the future. In addition to the immediate benefits of the space gained, the expansion also created three new jobs. For customers of the car dealership, this means faster processing times and increased convenience in the future.
As a long-established company in its third generation, we have always been distinguished by continuous development and we are therefore delighted that with the support of neoom our company is now completely energy self-sufficient. In this way we are making an important contribution to the environment.
Hannes Reichhart
CEO Autohaus Reichhart

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