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Energy City Astana is a concept for an energy self-sufficient housing estate consisting of more than 200 passive houses and is being built two kilometers outside the Expo site in Astana. The first buildings have already been built and equipped with energy storage units from neoom group (formerly W & KREISEL). Interested parties can already find out how it feels to live in the Energy City and choose a model house. Together with the project partners Weissenseer (Alexandr Kravchenko), Neubau (Dawid Michulec) and Kärnten Solar, we are already building tomorrow’s world. For this project the neoom group was awarded with the Austrian Green Planet Building Award. The Austrian Green Planet Building Award stands for the highest quality in the field of sustainable building and communicates the outstanding achievements of Austrian companies in an international environment.

Foto: Weissenseer

The Challenge

Our customer is building 200 single-family homes and residential units in the Energy City. The city’s goal is to realize the Energy City with as little electricity as possible, since only a small grid connection is available. This new district must therefore – almost like a self-sufficient island – generate energy itself, distribute energy and automatically adjust the consumption.

Foto: Weissenseer

The solution: Intuitive energy management

The whole city was divided into clusters of seven houses each. Each house is equipped with a photovoltaic system and each cluster has a neoom BLOKK energy storage. In addition, carports will be built on which photovoltaic modules generate electricity and neoom BOOGIE charging stations can charge electric cars.

The key to reach the goal of minimum energy consumption is the energy management of consumers, energy storage, solar systems and charging stations. W&KREISEL implements dynamic load management with the NTUITY energy management platform integrated in every neoom BLOKK. The platform connects, measures and controls all devices of the energy infrastructure (heat pump, cooling, ventilation, charging stations, etc.) and directs the flow of energy ideally. NTUITY is a self-optimizing software as a service solution for decentralized and predictive energy management based on artificial intelligence. The clusters are connected with each other in order to intelligently distribute energy between the clusters. The intelligent NTUITY energy management system connects all houses into a self-optimizing network to keep network energy consumption as low as possible. The unique feature of NTUITY is that an infinite number of energy devices can be controlled and integrated independently of location and manufacturer.

“The future of our planet is our first concern and we try to express that in everything we do. We are very proud to be part of this groundbreaking project."
Walter Kreisel
Founder and CEO neoom group gmbh

The decision for neoom

With neoom BLOKK, the scalable energy storage for commercial and industry applications, also comes the most modern software for energy management. No elaborate programming of the building management is necessary. Changes to the infrastructure don’t lead to endless adaptions to the software. The neoom BLOKK energy storage and the integrated NTUITY energy management platform deliver the entire control and visualization.

Despite the low grid connection of this special city, 200 houses can be realized because the houses are all linked together to form an intelligent energy network and optimize energy consumption. Thus it is possible to build a sustainable housing project that is unique in the world.

The central element of every residential cluster is the neoom BLOKK energy storage. BLOKK can increase the self-consumption of the solar systems, cut load peaks, realize load shifting and can control the charging stations for electric vehicles actively and dynamically.

With NTUITY, the costumer also benefits from the intuitive interface for remote maintenance of the entire system. All devices in the energy network can be managed over NTUITY at any time, from everywhere around the globe by any number of authorized users.


Store power at a large scale

neoom BLOKK energy storage is a complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software. It enables maximum savings through optimization of self-consumption and peak shaving behind-the-meter.

neoom group is honored with the Austrian Green Planet Building Award

The Austrian Green Planet Building Award honors Austrian companies that perform outstandingly well abroad in the field of energy-efficient construction. The neoom group is proud to receive this award with the project DAN EXPO – Energy City Astana.

About the Project: DAN EXPO Astana

An energy park is being built in Astana, which will be energy self-sufficient in the end. Model houses in passive house quality have been realized which rely almost exclusively on renewable energy sources. The Energy City is considered a showpiece of a self-sufficient housing estate with extremely low energy consumption. Participating companies from Austria are: Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau GmbH (design and general planning), NEUBAU Energy Systems GmbH (energy planning, quality assurance), Kärnten Solar GmbH (photovoltaic, solar thermal), neoom group gmbh/W&KREISEL GmbH (electric storage technologies, load management).