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Fussl Modestraße Mayr GmbH with its headquarters in Ort im Innkreis is a prime example of a successful fashion house. In 2019 alone, 14 new stores were opened in Austria and Germany, 10 more were expanded or moved to larger premises. This is also the case in Freistadt, where a new Fussl store, considered a pioneer for future locations, will open in mid-2020. Because Ernst and Karl Mayr, who run Fussl as a family business, recognise their ecological responsibility and take the energy transition seriously. There is good reason why Fussl Modestraße was awarded the title “Best Family Business in Austria 2015”.Nicht umsonst wurde die Fussl Modestraße als “Bestes Familienunternehmen Österreichs 2015” ausgezeichnet.

Investment despite crisis

Due to Covid-19, all stores had to be closed from mid-March to the beginning of May 2020, although the new spring and summer fashions were delivered in exactly this period. However, Fussl management is not letting the Corona crisis disturb it and is still investing in clean energy from renewable sources. We are delighted that Fussl is back and that we can actively support climate protection with our services and products!

Maximum self-generation of power via their own rooftop photovoltaic system

"We entrepreneurs have a responsibility to future generations. Therefore we at Fussl try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible."

At the Freistadt store, a large part of the roof surface is fitted with photovoltaic panels, resulting in a system with 34 kWp. We have implemented this state-of-the-art photovoltaic system together with our partner marasolar.

The PV system is supplemented by a modular neoom KJUUBE power storage system with a capacity of 19.2 kWh. The combination of PV and power storage means that over 50% of the energy required by the store can be generated locally from renewable sources. Due to the ongoing savings in grid usage, the investment will have already paid for itself in about 8-9 years, taking into account current subsidies for PV and power storage. In addition, the use of renewable energy sources will save around 7.5 t CO2 per store per year.

"We have a long-standing and sustainable business partnership with Fussl Modestraße Mayr GmbH. The idea of using the energy from the roof for products and services under the roof is also sustainable. This idea is consistently put into practice by Fussl Modestraße GmbH".


The flexible home storage with edges and corners

neoom KJUUBE is THE storage when it comes to taking your electricity budget into your own hands. Completely flexible in size and always compact.

Networking of the stores through self-optimizing software

Some Fussl locations are already using the power of the sun, and the aim is to gradually produce their own electricity locally at as many Fussl locations as possible by means of roof-mounted photovoltaics. In addition to the clear ecological advantage, this will also relieve strain on the power grids. To achieve this, we are integrating neoom BEAAM IoE gateways. BEAAM measures all of the building’s energy data around the clock and the NTUITY energy management software analyses this data. This self-optimizing software will also be used at the Freistadt site. By networking Fussl’s locations, optimization potentials can be read out and implemented remotely at any time. NTUITY uses artificial intelligence to intuitively identify potential savings and distributes power intelligently, taking into account all power consumers and generators – even across multiple locations.


The gateway for intuitive energy management

neoom BEAAM is an IoE (Internet of Energy) gateway with NTUITY on board. Devices from any manufacturer can benefit from neoom’s know-how and the intelligence of NTUITY.

In combination with NTUITY, the neoom KJUUBE power storage unit also offers other advantages, as it can take over the power supply in the event of a power failure. This means that business can continue even during a blackout and customers are not left in the dark. The alarm system also remains intact. In the event of a power failure, the system disconnects from the grid and the building is then supplied with power by neoom KJUUBE.

"We help our customers to use energy intelligently instead of just storing it. With our neoom products and intuitive NTUITY software, we create systems that make ecological and economic sense."
Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO | neoom group

Advantages for customers

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Your project

Our team is happy to support you in the design, planning and profitability calculation of photovoltaic systems and electricity storage, also in combination with e-charging infrastructure and building services engineering!