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Many a time, SMEs prove that ecologically sustainable practices can be very well aligned with their economic activities and goals. An excellent example of this is the Upper Austrian company HB Fliesen.

The established company, founded in 1990 and headquartered in Mauthausen, employs about 340 people and has recently made its headquarters fit for the future with the help of neoom. As a result, it has succeeded in covering almost ¾ of its electricity consumption with solar power and significantly reducing electricity costs. In addition to a PV system with 242 modules and a total output of 82kWp, a whole range of our products are being used in the project in Mauthausen.

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"Sustainability is very important to us. That's why we're excited that with the newly upgraded headquarters we're now not only cutting a large part of our energy costs, but have also significantly reduced our environmental footprint thanks to the CO2 savings."
Reinhard Hirtl
Reinhard Hirtl
Managing Director | HB Fliesen

Good reasons for a PV system with battery storage

There are a number of good reasons for installing a PV system with combined battery storage. For HB Fliesen, the focus was not only on reducing energy costs, but also on a possible backup power supply in the event of a power outage.

Just how relevant this topic is was demonstrated again recently in light of the disruption to the European high-voltage power grid on January 8. Thanks to the BLOKK NEA battery storage system from neoom, employees at the headquarters no longer have to sit in the dark in the event of a power outage. A particular advantage of this setup is that the storage system is still being fed by the PV system even in backup power mode, which can significantly increase the bridging time. The system is configured in such a way that non-critical large consumers such as the air conditioning systems and the e-charging stations are not supplied, which significantly increases the bridging duration of the remaining consumers.

Reduction of energy costs

There were two particular reasons for the reduction in energy costs – due to the increased electricity consumption of the headquarters, HB Fliesen was in danger of slipping into a new price category for its commercial electricity tariff, which would have meant significantly higher basic costs. Thanks to the PV system including battery storage, a large part of the electricity demand can now be produced by the company itself instead. The headquarters is 70% self-sufficient and achieves an even energy footprint.

Another incentive for the purchase of the system was the planned deployment of a fleet of electric vehicles. Thus, in addition to the PV system and the battery storage, the project also included three neoom BOXX charging stations. The NTUITY energy management software ensures that the stations do not generate load peaks. While a BEAAM IoE gateway measures all the energy data from the company headquarters around the clock, NTUITY uses artificial intelligence to analyze and control the energy flow optimally.

Excellent investment thanks to high return

In addition to the immediate benefits of the new system for the company, it is also an excellent investment – the system yields a return of 10.7% and thus amortizes itself from within only 9.34 years. In times of low interest rates and rising energy prices, it is an excellent investment.

It is therefore not surprising that, with our help, the company is already in the process of installing PV systems including combined battery storage at other locations. Thanks to NTUITY, these locations can be connected and centrally managed in the future. Thus, optimization potentials can be read out and implemented remotely at any time.

"This project uses the full range of our product portfolio and delivers a consistent result - in addition to significantly reducing energy costs, HB Fliesen is now also prepared for possible future power outages. We are particularly pleased that we were able to complete this project on time despite Corona-related restrictions."
Walter Kreisel, MBA
CEO | neoom group

Important contribution to energy transition

In addition to saving a lot of money, HB Fliesen is also saving a lot of CO2 and thus making an important contribution to a sustainable future. In addition, the company is relieving the electricity grids in the process – an issue that will become increasingly important as the energy transition advances.

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