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ProfitLogistics GmbH from Wartberg an der Krems machines and builds molds for model-building, industry and motor sport with special focus on high precision. Absolute adherence to deadlines, maximum customer satisfaction and top quality are guarantor for their success. These high standards require modern machinery, which is constantly being refreshed and expanded. Marcus Pammer, CEO of ProfitLogistics, promises “What you get from us, works”. A customer that fits W & KREISEL.


To meet these requirements, a modern energy concept was planned. Energy should be generated by renewable sources and spare electricity should be stored. Power failures due to peak loads should be eliminated and energy costs saved. Last but not least, the company wants to consistently reduce its own CO2 emissions.

Costumer Wishlist:
  • Store electricity from photovoltaics instead of supplying it to the grid​
  • Use your own energy time-delayed through battery​
  • Higher self-sufficiency​
  • Reduction of current peaks by approx. 25%​


50 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of the building generates clean electricity from the sun all day long. The generated energy is temporarily stored in a 108 kWh battery storage. The storage is composed of neoom Master BLOKK 50kW and neoom Battery BLOKK 108kWh. Neoom BLOKK increases the amount of self-consumption and intercepts power peaks , e.g. when switching on large machines. As a result, the strain on the power grid is reduced, since the required energy comes directly from the in-house battery storage BLOKK. This also lowers the company’s energy costs .

For the fleet of electric vehicles, a neoom BOOGIE charging station was installed, at which can be charged with 2 × 22 kW.

To control the complex energy flows, the NTUITY energy management system has been integrated which continuously monitors and controls all actors in the power grid. All data points, like the energy storage and the charging products, are digitally connected to the on-site central building control system.


  • Maximum self-consumption through photovoltaic system
  • No power outages caused by peak loads thanks to the BLOKK battery storage
  • Reduced one-time and annual energy costs
  • Maximum flexibility in production
  • More independence to electricity supplier
  • Electric cars can now be charged with self-produced energy

Applied products

  • neoom Master BLOKK 50 kW
  • neoom Battery BLOKK 108 kWh
  • neoom BOOGIE charging station 2 x 22 kW
  • NTUITY energy management system

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