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A property of the “Österreichische Siedlungswerk” (ÖSW), consisting of an office building and a school, was equipped with a neoom BLOKK commercial energy storage, photovoltaics and intuitive energy management system. This combination of 240 kWh of energy storage and 100 kWp photovoltaics system covers the energy needs of the property. The neoom BLOKK battery storage even supplies power in the event of a blackout! This is possible thanks to the use of the intuitive NTUITY energy management platform, which continuously optimizes the energy flow automatically. Three neoom BOXX charging stations (wallboxes) provide the possibility to charge electric cars in the underground car park with clean electricity from the roof.

Customer requirements

The daily power consumption of the plant is to be generated by a photovoltaics system on the roof on site in order to reduce the CO₂ emissions of the object in the long term. A commercial-size power storage unit will secure the offices and school even in the event of a power outage and also compensate power peaks, reduce the load on the power grid and maximize the photovoltaic system’s own consumption.

More self-generated power,

Fewer current peaks.

The stationary neoom BLOKK power storage unit increases the property’s share of self-generated power and absorbs power peaks. This reduces the load on the power grid, as the energy required comes directly from the building’s own battery storage. This reduces the energy costs for the entire property.

In the event of a power failure, the neoom BLOKK ensures fail-safe operation and delivers 120 kW for the entire building in mains backup mode!

The three neoom BOXX wallboxes can be used to charge electric cars with clean electricity from the roof. Thanks to integrated load management, it makes no difference how many cars are charged at the same time, i.e. the wallboxes regulate electricity automatically.

0 kWh
power storage
0 kWp
PV output
0 kW
backup power supply


Scalable commercial power storage

The neoom BLOKK power storage unit is a scalable complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software.

Safety and disposal

For the newly built battery room, all measures were taken with regard to fire protection in order to guarantee the necessary facility safety in the event of an extreme situation. Ventilation equipment and air conditioning ensure the smooth operation of the system. In the event of a fault, a message is immediately sent via the existing building management system.

„All products are integrated into a cost-free collection and return system. This enables us to ensure the professional disposal and recycling of raw materials.“
Daniel Affenzeller
Head of Products | neoom group gmbh

Optimal energy flow

through NTUITY energy management


Energy management platform

The NTUITY platform connects any amount of locations, measures and controls all devices and informs and alerts their users. In this way, the energy flow can be optimally controlled in order to securely provide energy in the right quantity to the customer at the right time.

The energy flow from PV to power storage and to loads such as charging stations is analyzed and controlled by the intuitive NTUITY energy management platform using artificial intelligence. NTUITY is the Software as a Service solution for decentralized and predictive energy management to reduce maintenance and energy costs and increase operational reliability. The platform guarantees that there are no unnecessary power peaks and that self-generated energy is used optimally.

Customer Benefits

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Your project

Our team will be happy to support you in the design, planning and profitability calculation of photovoltaic systems and electricity storage, also in combination with e-charging infrastructure and building services engineering!