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Biogas Waldviertel EV GmbH operates this biogas plant in Waidhofen/Thaya in Austria. This site is owned by Bio2energie GmbH and produces 500 kW of green electricity or 500 kW of heating capacity per hour. This power is delivered to the adjacent biomass district heating plant. The system is designed according to the latest findings and thus one of the most efficient biogas plants in Austria.

The plant was planned and built by HÖRMANN GmbH & Co. KG, an absolute specialist for commercial and industrial construction, stable and hall construction and photovoltaics. Hörmann is therefore also the ideal partner for the construction of biogas plants and offers the necessary know-how to make perfect use of renewable raw materials for synergy with energy production. HÖRMANN takes on all the tasks involved – consulting, planning and realization – and builds small systems from 20 kW up to plants in the megawatt range. This biogas plant also used HÖRMANN’s comprehensive know-how – from the construction of the plant to photovoltaics.

To optimize its own energy consumption, the 100 kW photovoltaic system has now been supplemented by a 55 kW power energy storage with 92 kWh capacity. The neoom BLOKK energy storage stores electricity during sunshine hours and delivers it when the solar system stops supplying power. This means that the storage can significantly increase the efficiency of the solar system and use 20% more photovoltaic electricity directly at the site on average.

The customer now always has a defined residual capacity in the neoom BLOKK energy storage which continues to supply certain parts of the system in the event of a power failure.

Electricity storage and PV system have been seamlessly integrated into the customer’s building management system and control chain. So the customer can work with the usual surface and see the solar system and energy storage there.


Store power at a large scale

neoom BLOKK energy storage is a complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software. It enables maximum savings through optimization of self-consumption and peak shaving behind-the-meter.

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Our team will gladly assist you with the design, planning and profitability calculation of the photovoltaic system or energy storage and is at your disposal for all questions concerning solar energy, energy storage and electric mobility.