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The declared objective of neoom is to enable the switch to a decentralized and, most importantly, renewable energy system through the perfect interaction of hardware and software. Kurt Mayr was looking for an investment in the future that would make a statement for sustainability, and with the neoom KJUUBE hybrid storage system, he found what he was looking for.

Together with neoom partners SOLARier GmbH and Elektro Rabmer, the highest possible degree of autonomy from the commercial power grid was achieved. “I already had a photovoltaic system. Now I was interested in also being able to store the energy I produced myself so that I could use it in the evening, night and morning hours,” says Kurt Mayr. Another wish was the possibility of an emergency power supply.

"The consulting and implementation were excellent, the delivery was fast and the commissioning was uncomplicated. Together we pursued the goal of sustainability and I am more than satisfied with the result - even from a visual point of view."
Kurt Mayr

For this purpose, a KJUUBE NEA with a capacity of 32 kilowatt hours was installed in Altenberg at the home of Kurt Mayr. The existing photovoltaic system had an output of 5.2 kWp. By extending the system, the output now reaches 17.2 kWp. The system is managed by the internet of energy gateway BEAAM and NTUITY. “It was particularly important to me that my existing PV system could be integrated. I also wanted a high charging and discharging capacity and that the system could be black-started, so that I would be energy self-sufficient in case of an emergency,” Kurt Mayr points out. The system is fully automated and thus requires little maintenance. The regional contact persons ensure that communication channels are short, ranging from project development to commissioning and support.

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