Possible applications
up to the megawatt range

Thanks to its modular design, the BLOKK can be used in smaller commercial operations as well as in large-scale plants and in industry up to the megawatt range. This includes the optimization of self-generated electricity and connected loads, peak currents and the compensation of reactive power.

BLOKK is delivered preassembled, which reduces installation time to a minimum. The neoom BLOKK can be serviced and operated via the self-explanatory touch panel. The high-quality casing and internal electronics are manufactured by an Austrian control cabinet specialist.

For small businesses
& large plants
via touch panel
High quality
Optimization of
own power
NTUITY macht Energiemanagement im Unternehmen leicht

Intuitive energy


neoom CONNECT simplifies processes through networking, increases the safety of the local energy infrastructure and offers sustainable services based on renewable energies for maximum customer satisfaction.

energy storage solutions

Which energy storage is right for you?

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