We build decentralized and future-proof energy systems

Rethink the energy system

Through the use of hardware and software, we enable
the change from a centralized and fossil
to a decentralized and renewable energy system.

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BLOKK LIGHT combines state-of-the-art technology and intuitive energy management with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio.

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Power to the people

Renewable energy communities (RECs) are one of the cornerstones for achieving climate targets and expanding decentralized energy supply. Many view them as the power plants of the future, as they offer numerous advantages over their fossil-fuel predecessors.


Forging a path to the energy transition

The basis of the energy transition is the decentralization of energy generation. With the Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG), Austria is now taking a pioneering role worldwide in the liberalization of the energy infrastructure.

Reference Project

Green Galvanizing Plant powered by BLOKK Power House

ZINKPOWER is one of the world’s leading galvanizing companies. ZINKPOWER proves its commitment to sustainability with Green Dip Galvanizing and now with the upgraded plant in Vorchorf, where CO2 is sustainably reduced by photovoltaic and electricity storage.

Energy Storage


neoom BLOKK energy storage is a scalable and complete system consisting of battery storage and intelligent load management software. It enables maximum savings through optimization of self-consumption and peak shaving behind-the-meter.

Energy Storage


Optimized for your energy system. BLOKK Light combines state-of-the-art technology and intuitive energy management with a particularly attractive price-performance ratio.

Hybrid home battery


neoom KJUUBE is the energy storage that enables you to retake control over your power consumption. Store electricity in its most efficient form and increase the share you produce for yourself.

Hybrid Home Battery


The compact hybrid storage with grid replacement or UPS function. The neoom KJUUBE Light is the ideal home storage for simpler applications where no energy management is needed.

Reference Project

intelligent solar system for more own power

At the Bärnbach site near Graz, an investment was made in a gigantic photovoltaic system. A newly built hall is completely covered with PV panels in order to generate and consume as much electricity as possible on site.

Charging Station


The intelligent design charging station. neoom BOOGIE is characterized by its modern design and easy handling and is suitable for private and public use.

Dynamic Wallbox


The smart wallbox with dynamic load control. With up to 22 kW charging power and the compatibility with common billing systems, neoom BOXX is ready for future requirements.



The compact wallbox with innovative design. neoom WHIZZY provides a charging capacity up to 11 kW via Type 2 connection and all you need for save and comfortable charging.

Reference project

Energy City - Powering the city of the future

Energy City is a concept for an energy self-sufficient housing estate consisting of over 200 passive houses which are supplied with energy by neoom BLOKK and intelligently connected and managed via software.



Gateway for intelligent energy management. neoom BEAAM is an IoE (Internet of Energy) gateway with NTUITY on board. Devices of any manufacturer can benefit from the know-how of neoom and the intelligence of NTUITY.

Reference project

Fail-safe operation and more energy efficiency

To optimize the self-generated electricity of this biogas plant, the photovoltaic system was supplemented by a neoom BLOKK energy storage in order to optimize self-consumption and enable fail-safe operation.


A1 und Smatrics trust in neoom solutions

A1 and SMATRICS have developed a comprehensive e-charging solution for companies and trust in neoom charging and storage solutions.

Reference project

Maximum own power coverage through neoom

Thanks to neoom battery storage and charging products, ProfitLogistics can intelligently distribute the energy generated by photovoltaics and save it when needed.

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