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Energy transition
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We are advancing the energy transition. Through innovative integrated solutions based on decentralised and sustainable energy systems, we create real added value. For our customers. And for our environment.


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Together we are starting a new era of the energy transition. With our event #neoomliveX, we are ringing in this new era!


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With the smart gadgets from neoom, every individual can become part of the energy transition. Our neoom APP is now ready to use. Register and experience the existing tools and skills exclusively!

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neoom: A star guides the way to the energy transition   #neoomliveX: Entering the new epoch of energy transition   Welcome to the Zero Emission Society!   Optimize your power consumption through peak shaving   The price of carbon dioxide  
neoom: A star guides the way to the energy transition

After all, there is a lot to report: From product launches, moves & office openings, joint successes & new neoom heroes and of course our...

#neoomliveX: Entering the new epoch of energy transition

"We don't have an energy crisis, we have a crisis of nuclear, fossil fuels!" emphasised former Member of the Bundestag & President of the Energy...

Welcome to the Zero Emission Society!

Are we prepared for a climate-neutral future? More importantly: are those people who make major business decisions prepared? Do they know what needs...

Optimize your power consumption through peak shaving

Electricity costs are an ever-increasing cost factor for many companies. However, there is a relatively high savings potential for many of them -...

The price of carbon dioxide

In its 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act, the U.S. Congress established the Acid Rain Program, aiming to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2), the primary...

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Decentralised and future-proof
energy systems

Through our hardware and software, we enable the switch from a centralised and fossil-based to a decentralised and renewable energy system.

We enable the switch to 100% renewable energy
Making the energy transition a reality and ending the climate crisis! This is the ultimate goal of neoom
We offer an effective strategy against power blackouts
neoom kümmert sich um Versicherung und Finanzierung von deiner Investition in erneuerbare Energiesysteme



We support you as an entrepreneur during your investment in your renewable energy system - including insurance. This is how your visionary project becomes a reality for your company!


IKEA rethinks the furniture store

Revolutionary energy concept included

With its newly built furniture store at Vienna's Westbahnhof, IKEA has become a pioneer in sustainability. Many innovative solutions not only help protecting the environment, but they even have a positive impact on the climate. IKEA trusts neoom to implement an innovative energy concept.

Have you got what it takes
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We are always on the lookout for motivated people to join us in shaping the energy transition of the future.