Annual Review: The Highlights from 2023

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annual review 2023 - free city

2023 - A Dynamic Year

2023 was a dynamic year for us at neoom - as together with our clients and partners, we drove significant progress! It's only by working together that we can bring movement to the energy transition.

We'd like to reflect once more on our highlights with you:

Free City - A Beacon Project

We packed up our employees and belongings and started a new chapter in neoom's history at  Free City!

But Free City also writes an important chapter in construction history: It was the first building in Austria in 2023 to be awarded the DGNB Platinum Certification by ÖGNI and the Climate Active Gold Standard - a milestone in the world of sustainable architecture. With an impressive 303 kWp photovoltaic system on all five sides of the building and a 1 MWh neoom electricity storage unit, Free City sets new standards. The installation of 37 electric vehicle charging points underlines our vision of an emission-free future. Through our technologies, Free City can potentially save 230,000 kg of CO2 annually.

We are delighted to offer our employees an attractive working atmosphere through the innovative construction and also to our partners, who are always welcome for training, events, and meetings.

Free City, Freistadt
Foto: Martin Pröll

The Path to Sustainability

Speaking of CO2: We support 10 selected climate protection projects, from clean drinking water to CO2 sequestration from the atmosphere. Thanks to our GREEN customers and their voluntary impact contribution to the Carbon Portfolio, an additional 206 tons of CO2 were reduced. You can find an overview of neoom's path to sustainability in the Sustainability Whitepaper.

This year, 3 employees celebrated their 5-year anniversary with neoom. As a thank you, the ecological footprint of the neoomians was calculated individually, and a total of 145 tons of CO2 was compensated. Employees who celebrated their 3-year anniversary also received an award.

By digitizing and optimizing commuting routes, even individual neoom employees can commute more sustainably - in 2023, this saved 4,222 kg of CO2. A small step for the individual, a big step for our planet.

neoom.comhubfs01_neoom Website neuImagebilderWald von oben
Carbon Portfolio - Climate protection projects around the world
neoom forest

Hardware – Our neoom Power

Together with our system partners, we have already installed over 250 MWh of storage, equivalent to the size of a small pumped storage power plant. A significant contribution to the energy transition, as we saved a cumulative 125,915 tons of CO2 with our customers. We have expanded our contribution in 2023 with 7 new product categories, allowing our system partners to offer even more solutions to our joint customers.

neoom commercial storage BLOKK
Free City Storage Room

Digital Services – The Core of Our Innovation

Our digital services play a crucial role in realizing our vision of "INFINITE POWER FOR ALL OF US".

The major launch of the neoom Skills CONNECT opened new dimensions in energy management for our system partners and end-users.

In 2023, we onboarded 8,000 new users to neoom CONNECT - they now benefit from the digitalization of their energy systems. In total, 3,200 new locations with a total output of 66 MWp and 11,200 integrated devices are active in neoom CONNECT. The integration of 80 new device types has made neoom CONNECT even more accessible. New features such as modern dashboards, surplus prioritization, SG-Ready, and intelligent battery storage maintenance, introduced in 2023, make neoom CONNECT smarter and more informative. To make all this possible, the software department processed 816 billion data points!

The new Skill REENT makes the energy transition more affordable for even more people: End customers can pay off their renewable energy system over a possible duration of 10, 15, or 20 years. This removes financial barriers, enabling more energy systems to be implemented - a win for our customers, the Earth, and our partners.

The new Skill INSTALLER enables our partners to commission the system faster, easier, and more stably, including documentation.

Thanks to the Skills KLUUB and GREEN everyone can become part of the energy transition and benefit from lower electricity costs and new sources of income - without their own PV system and without further neoom products! An important building block of the energy transition, with which we will build even more attractive products accessible to all in 2024!

neoom APP with Skills with and without PV system

KLUUB – Energy Communities in the Fast Lane

In Austria, the founding of energy communities really took off in 2023. This year, neoom already founded over 50 energy communities (out of about 200 total in Austria), which fed over 1 GWh of electricity from renewable sources into the public grid and consumed almost 2 GWh of green energy. A big step towards affordable electricity and an emission-free future is the operated trade in the energy communities - the participants of the neoom KLUUB traded 500,000 kWh of renewable energy.

Already 50 EGs have been easily established with the neoom KLUUB

Trainings & Events

Through our training, we offer our system partners attractive further education opportunities at eye level & with the latest technology. We are therefore all the more pleased about the knowledge exchange with each of the 670 participants at our 67 face-to-face trainings in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in 2023!

Additionally, over 500 webinar participants took the opportunity to learn more about neoom's digital products and ask questions directly.

Our events offer our system partners and customers the right opportunity to dive deeper into the neoomiverse, network properly with other neoom heroes, and learn all about our products & innovations.

For example, at #neoomlive04, where the major launch of neoom CONNECT took place. Additionally, at #neoomliveX, we presented the new innovative BLOKK Light NEA  and gave insights into the neoomiverse and the associated opportunities to shape the energy transition. Over 3,000 livestream viewers, who support our mission and our projects, also participated in the events from afar.

The Liftoff (move-in) and Arrival (opening) of Free City also adorned the year with positive moments. Last but not least, there was a brand new event format: #wefixdoomsday01. On this action day, we brought together various stakeholders - entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists - at Free City to jointly implement the energy transition revolution and bring about structural change.

neoom KLUUB Webinar Trainings

Proud of our Partners

None of this would have been possible without our system partners. We would therefore like to thank our 300 active system partners with over 2500 employees and 12500 satisfied customers in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, and the numerous new system partners who joined our mission in 2023! We look forward to continuing the path to the energy transition with you! We are proud of the performance that our system partners have achieved: 25,000 devices connected, 250MWh storage capacity & 120MWp solar power installed!

2023 was a year full of progress and commitment to a more sustainable future. Let's continue to push boundaries together and make 2024 a successful year full of inspiration and innovation!

Partner Tour Stop Stuttgart
Foto: Konstantin Kurrasch

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