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Purchase and sale
of sustainable electricity
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With the smart gadgets from neoom, everyone has
the chance to become part of the energy transition

The neoom APP helps you control and understand all the components of your energy system. And beside that fact, it allows you to connect with like-minded people as a regional consumer and producer of electricity from renewable energy sources. So you can decide where your electricity goes and where you get it from - with a clear conscience that it comes from 100% renewable energy sources!


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Digital service
for your energysystem

Through the new digital services of the neoom APP you can
you can easily operate your renewable energy system and
additionally profit from it.

Keep an eye on your equipment at all times via the app
Up-to-date reports on performance & savings
Earn money with the electricity you produce
Purchase regional green electricity
Simply join an energy community and enjoy the
ongoing settlement service


Besides the management, the neoom APP enables you to
understand the entire energy system and its components
and to use further skills around renewable energy
skills. One of them is the KLUUB. With the KLUUB you can
easily find your energy community and act as a regional
consumers and producers of electricity from renewable
energy sources can connect with like-minded people. With
decide where your electricity goes and where you get it from - with the
and from where you get it - with the good conscience that it comes from 100% renewable energy sources!
from renewable energy sources!

App Skill


Get the bonus for your e-car. Moreover, with GREEN, you can use the bonus you receive for your GHG quota wisely and do even more good. Decide what portion of your premium you would like to invest in high-quality climate protection projects from the Carbon Portfolio and double your carbon impact for a sustainable future. Start the E-Mission now!

neoom APP - Skill GREEN

Let's take the advantage
of given opportunites together

neoom ermöglicht jedem Einzelnen die Teilnahme an einer Energiegemeinschaft

The energy transition and digitalisation are inextricably linked.

With the neoom APP, a great and unique opportunity is given to many, as you can decide how to contribute and be part of the energy transition:

With the KLUUB feature of the neoom APP, you are being given the chance to network with regional electricity producers and consumers within the communities that allow you to share the renewable energy within the community itself.

Learn more about renewable power communities here:

Power communities

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& Optimise

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