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Get your e-bonus for your electric vehicle and do some extra good by investing in high-quality climate protection projects of the neoom Carbon Portfolio with just a few clicks.



That's why you get the e-premium for your GHG-quota

In Germany and in Austria, mineral oil companies have to prove that they have reduced their greenhouse gases. They can do this, for example, with the greenhouse gas reduction quota (GHG-quota): You can have the calculated CO2 reduction of your electric car certified - and sell the certificate to a mineral oil company. With this GHG quota trade, the mineral oil companies are asked to pay. The money goes directly into your wallet. And, if you want, part of it goes into the neoom Carbon Portfolio.

This way you let oil companies do something good for a change. Because oil companies only buy GHG quotas in large quantities, we support you in receiving your e-premium.


Get the GHG-Quota


Collect the ePremium for 2023 in just 5 steps.

80 € e-car|  120 € e-utility car
2870 € e-bus  |  80 € other e-vehicles




Only 5 steps to the ePremium for 2024!

200€ e-car*





*The price is calculated on the basis of a flat rate for the amount of electricity loaded in the amount of 1500 kWh per year. If your vehicle was not registered until 2024, the amount billed will be reduced on a pro rata basis depending on the registration date.

neoom GREEN


Fixed premium

By the way: We guarantee that you will receive the above prices.

This is because the CO2 market is still relatively young and unpredictable. There are many factors that can influence the price, such as political decisions or changes in demand.

Nevertheless, we would like to make a secure offer to allow for sound planning: With our fixed premium, we create clarity and transparency. Because we want to make our contribution to the promotion of e-mobility with a reliable offer - and support you in doing the same.

You want to check out neoom GREEN without downloading an APP?


The way to your premium*


Download the neoom APP to your mobile phone or open the webAPP, create an account and activate GREEN.

Register your electric vehicle and let us guide through the process.

3. E-Car Registration
Upload a photo of your registration certificate (front and back) to the APP and apply for the GHG-quota.

4. IMPACT & Payoff
Decide how much of your GHG-quota you want to invest in the neoom Carbon Portfolio and how much  to be paid out.

Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions for Germany.
Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions for Austria.

*You must be a verhicle owner


Our service for you & your e-premium

The GHG-quota is the key to unlocking your eMission. There are many bureaucratic steps before your GHG-quota is paid out. Therefore, the process will take 3-4 months. We make it as easy as possible for you and take care of the complex process.

1 - Check and collect the correct data
2 - Manage impact contribution to climate protection
3 - Submit an application to the Federal Environment Agency*
4 - Monitor the process until the authority's review is completed 
5 - Initiate payment of the e-bonus

*In Austria, applications for the ePremium can only be submitted to and reviewed by the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency) in 2025. In order to avoid the risk of a refund or additional payment, we only pay out the GHG-quota after successful verification by the Federal Environment Agency.

neoom APP - Skill GREEN


Download the APP & keep an eye on the process

- Status visible at all times in the (web) APP
- We offer you the best mix of money & climate impact
- Simple payout to your deposited wallet
- Collect your quota annually with the reminder service



- Vehicle is 100% electric (no hybrid)
- Registration certificate in Germany or Austria
- You are listed as the vehicle owner in the registration certificate

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GREEN - Service for electric vehicle owners


Carbon Portfolio

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Impact contribution

Your impact contribution supports the change to more sustainable systems and removes CO2 from the atmosphere.


Exclusive high-quality climate protection projects
Maximum sustainable contribution through multi-stage partner assessment for quality, impact & integrity
Wide range of project types
Many sustainable projects can grow
Geographical diversification
High impact through projects in different places in the world
A small amount with a big impact
35€ impact contribution already corresponds to 1 ton of CO2 in the Carbon Portfolio


Frequently asked questions and the right answers:

What is the process behind GHG-quota trading?

The Federal Environment Agency of Germany and Austria certifies the CO2 reduction through e-mobility in the form of a certificate. This is available to both private and commercial owners of a purely electrically powered vehicle (BEV) with a German or Austrian registration certificate. The CO2 certificate can subsequently be sold to a mineral oil company, which in turn takes the savings into account for the payment. You are thus supporting the decarbonisation of the transport sector. An opt-out is not entirely possible, as the federal government reserves the right to sell the certificates itself if not enough e-mobilists take advantage of the mechanism.

Do I receive the GHG-quota only once?

No, you can have the proceeds from the GHG-quota paid out annually. If you receive your GHG-quota through us, we will remind you to upload the vehicle registration document next year.

In 2023, we can earn 300€ per registered electric car for you in Germany (prerequisite is the completed application in the neoom APP in the GREEN skill as of the launch up until the latest by 13.2.2024 ). In Austria, we offer a price of 400€ per car for the year 2023

These statutory compulsory levies by the mineral oil industry are due every year. The prices that oil companies pay per certificate depend on supply and demand and therefore fluctuate.

Why should I invest in climate protection projects?

At neoom, we believe that the effectiveness of the GHG-quota as a management tool will only be fully realised if the proceeds are also invested in the reduction of greenhouse gases. In order to ensure that you are not at the beginning of your carbon footprint again by selling your GHG-quota and driving a car with a combustion engine on the balance sheet, we offer the possibility to invest as much of your premium as you want in climate protection projects. In this way, you use the money of the mineral oil companies and create real change. With your impact contribution, CO2 is extracted from the atmosphere in the most modern way and you support projects that avoid future CO2 emissions. Take the chance to double the carbon impact.

What happens when I sell my e-car?

The GHG quota may only be claimed once per e-car and year. Since this is a lump sum payment in Germany, you may of course keep the amount paid out, even if you sell your e-car. However, if you subsequently buy a car with a combustion engine instead of a new e-car, you can no longer have the GHG quota paid out.

In Austria, an aliquot payment is made based on the registration date of the vehicle, i.e. if you sell your car and are registered as the vehicle owner from 04 March 2023, you are entitled to the aliquot ePremium 2023 until 03 March 2023.

Do I have to document kilometers or consumption?

No. Since this is a flat-rate value per e-car, you do not have to document anything additional.

Can I participate with a leased or company vehicle?

If you are registered as the owner in the vehicle registration certificate, it is possible. Companies can also register the e-cars in their fleet.

Do I need to own an e-charging station?

No, it is sufficient if you are the registered vehicle owner in the vehicle registration certificate. In Austria, it will also be possible to receive the ePremium by recording the amount of electricity charged in your vehicle. For this, you must be able to document the charging amount in a comprehensible way. A charging station that enables traceable documentation is necessary in this case. We do not currently offer this option with neoom GREEN because the requirements of the Austrian Federal Environment Agency for this method of processing have not yet been finally defined. As soon as the requirements are clarified, we will also offer this option. 
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Is the payment of the GHG premium taxable?

In Germany, a nationwide publication was issued by the Rhineland-Palatinate State Tax Office on 10.05.2022. According to this publication, the GHG quota of privately owned vehicles does not have to be taxed. The generally applicable tax regulations are applied to the GHG quota of business vehicles. neoom is not authorised to provide tax advice. Therefore, please consult your tax advisor regarding your business vehicles.

Information on the situation in Austria can be found in the knowledge database.

Knowledge Database
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Use our knowledge database. Here you will find concentrated knowledge on the GHG-quota & neoom GREEN!

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