At neoom, we work hard every day on the energy transition together with our partners. In our news you can find out more about the world of neoom, about our neoomians and, of course, the latest news on the energy transition! Our references are our visible visionary power. Every project is unique. That's why we like to tell its individual story in our reference stories.
You can find out more about our energy concepts for large companies, medium-sized businesses, car dealerships and private individuals!

Josef Wyss Sägerei: Energy carved from the right wood

The partnership with neoom emerged from a large-scale storage project with a focus on Peak Shaving. neoom convinced Convoltas with its strong...

Energy Community Wienerwald: Solar Power for Everybody

In 2010, an expert analysis revealed that 78% of the energy consumed in the Wienerwald region is fossil-based. This was a fact that local resident...

Mandl's goat farm is up for the energy transition

It can be said that Mandl's Ziegenhof has already accumulated 100 years of experience with energy storage systems. Back in 1921, the...

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