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aktualisiert am:  18. September 2022
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Autohaus Ortner

What does it take to get started with e-mobility? This and similar questions have been increasingly asked by potential customers at car dealerships lately. Autohaus Ortner has tackled these questions and - thanks to neoom - has now the right answers at hand!

Autohaus Ortner aims to raise awareness among its customers that sustainable, decentralized energy generation and electromobility are not only possible, but go hand in hand.

This is made possible by showrooms with the required products at three locations: Perg, Langenstein and Wartberg ob der Aist. These products include a photovoltaic system, electricity storage units and charging stations for electric cars. This is how customers can experience the way to energy transition and electromobility directly on site. When customers would like to know where the electricity for their future electric cars will be generated and how they can be sure that it will be generated sustainably, the answer is: photovoltaic systems generate sustainably the required electricity. A large-scale PV system was installed by neoom at each of the three locations. This does not only serve as demonstration objects, but also supply the car dealership itself and its cars inside with electricity. In case more energy is produced by the PV system than is currently needed, electricity storage units - one storage unit with 50 kW each - from neoom will ensure that the electricity is not lost, but stored until it is needed. In this way, Autohaus Ortner can significantly reduce the energy costs of its branches and also pass on its know-how regarding electricity self-sufficiency and cost savings to its customers.



Customers can get an overview of the products in the showroom. If they are still wondering whether electric mobility is actually practical for them and how charging works in practice, the employees can demonstrate the charging process. For this purpose, they use the charging stations - at least one Hypercharger and two BOOGIE  charging stations with 2 x 22 kW from neoom per location. 



The fully equipped showrooms give customers a quick overview of what they need to get started with e-mobility and what factors they need to consider. In addition to test drives, Autohaus Ortner has now a complete energy system - from PV to electricity storage and charging stations - at its disposal to demonstrate the look and feel of innovative energy concepts and electromobility in the future. Moreover, Autohaus Ortner gained valuable experience through the installation and commissioning of its energy system. This is why, it will be able to optimally support its customers on their way to sustainability.


"We are pleased to have found the ideal partner for the implementation of our innovative energy concept in neoom: In addition to the sustainable spirit of innovation, we particularly value the regionality of our partnership!"
Franz Ortner
Senior Managing Director Autohaus Ortner
"We are enthusiastic about projects in which we think about and implement energy concepts as holistic solutions together with our customers - from the PV system to the electricity storage system to the charging station! This is how we can pass on our enthusiasm and bring people closer to energy transition - and take the first steps along the way together! 
Walter Kreisel
neoom CEO & founder

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