Charging moves you forward

Your EV doesn't just stand still. It charges. Smartly, safely and efficiently. With the Compleo Solo N wallbox right outside your front door.

And with...

  • 11 kW charging power (AC)
  • Various safety & protection components integrated in the case
  • Maximisation of self-consumption through automatic phase switching
  • Energy and load management
Energy & load management
Automatic phase switching 
Integrated DC residual current detection

Integrated type A residual current device

RCD self-test function 


The wallbox for your home

As a smart wallbox, the Compleo Solo N has one mission: 
To maximise the surplus energy from your own PV system.

That's what makes the Compleo Solo N so smart:

  • Maximise self-consumption through automatic 1-3 phase switching
  • Can be integrated with any IT backend via communication using OCPP 1.6 JSON
  • Energy and load management via communication to third-party devices via Modbus TCP/IP

Smart due to automatic phase switching

Automatic phase switching allows you to maximise your own consumption by making optimal use of surplus energy from your PV system.  

This means that the charging station automatically switches to three-phase charging - or back to single-phase charging - when a predefined threshold value is reached.

This is how it looks in practice: In the morning, when there is little surplus, charging starts in single phase. If there is enough surplus power during the day, it switches to three-phase charging if your electric vehicle can charge three-phase. When less surplus electricity is produced in the afternoon, single-phase charging takes place. This can prevent unwanted charging interruptions, for example, if your PV system temporarily produces less electricity than is required for three-phase charging.



With its all-in-one design, the Compleo Solo N combines the most important protection components in one case. This means it offers you optimal security features for using it at home.

Exciting features? For sure! 

  • Type A residual current device
  • DC residual current detection
  • Resettable residual current device (RCD) with self-test function

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Get the ePremium for your EV!

Apply for the GHG quota for your EV & collect an ePremium! It's easy with just a few clicks in GREEN, a skill of the neoom APP. Besides, you can also do good by investing in high-quality climate protection projects of the neoom Carbon Portfolio.

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