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Sustainability at neoom

We have great ambitions to make a decisive contribution to achieving the energy transition - because we want to save one gigatonne of CO2 equivalents together with our customers and partners! And we are already in the middle of it. Would you like to know what we are doing, or even get some ideas? Then find out more about our sustainability path in the Sustainability Whitepaper!


Find out in our new white paper:

  • Why digitalization and sustainability go hand in hand
  • How your company can make its contribution
  • Why sustainability can no longer just be seen as an “add-on”
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energy transition

Change for our future

neoom is working hard on the energy transition every day. After all, the greatest tool in the fight against the climate crisis is to obtain energy from sustainable resources. Decentralised renewable energy makes the following possible:


greenhouse gases from electricity production & thus cleaner air


energy supply: many people benefit from the production & use of electricity


power grids & minimisation of energy losses during transport via the power grid

energy transition

We have the solutions

More than two thirds of Europe's greenhouse gas emissions come from the use of fossil fuels for electricity, heat and transport. For a large part of these services, we have market-ready solutions based on renewable energies. At neoom, we work every day to make an impact with our products.

Climate protection is important to us - also as a company. Therefore, we calculate neoom's carbon footprint and derive reduction measures. Moreover, we invest in climate protection projects and innovative technologies to reduce CO2 in order to offset the emissions we cause.


neoom becomes

the first gigacorn

The goal: To become a gigacorn!
How? By saving together one gigaton of CO2.

We want to achieve this on 2 levels: On the one hand, by becoming climate neutral as a company. On the other hand, by supporting our customers through neoom energy systems to reduce their emissions as well. By saving one gigaton of CO2, neoom would contribute to reducing the equivalent of almost 25% of annual EU-wide emissions. We are convinced that all this is only possible if neoom shows how sustainability can be integrated into the business model and convinces partners and customers to do the same. Together we can achieve this gigantic goal.


How much is a gigaton of CO2?

Imagining a gigaton is almost impossible.

Here is an attempt to make this number tangible: A gigaton is 1,000,000,000 tons of CO2. Currently, 55 gigatons of CO2 equivalents are emitted globally every year. The EU's share of global emissions is about six percent. One gigaton would correspond to a saving of 25% percent of the EU's annual greenhouse gas emissions.

The target is to save 1 gigaton of CO2 by 2040, equivalent to 1.5% of EU emissions over the same period.


the journey towards becoming a gigacorn

Saving 1 gigaton of CO2

To make the ambitious goal of becoming a gigacorn true, we have set ourselves the following goals:


Corporate Carbon

neoom measures the neoom Corporate Carbon
Footprint since 2021



Emissions from neoom sites are offset through climate protection projects


Climate-Neutral Products

neoom is currently working on the life cycle assessment of our neoom electricity storage devices



neoom works with customers & partners every day to save the greatest possible amount of CO2

Sustainability strategy

measure - reduce - compensate

Only those who analyse comprehensively can set sustainable actions. Our sustainability strategy is supported by 3 pillars:


  • Compiling neoom's Corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Measure the Product Carbon Footprint
  • Determine saving opportunities with neoom products


  • Set strategic measures
  • Train and involve employees
  • Work with the supply chain


Corporate Carbon Footprint

What is the ecological footprint?

Many companies are already taking up the banner of sustainability. Everyone is talking about the corporate carbon footprint. It is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that a company produces in a year. It is stated in CO2 equivalents. While the calculation is currently voluntary, it is a useful tool to find out where the biggest emitters are in a company. However, there is still a wide range in how detailed the Corporate Carbon Footprint is calculated. neoom has opted for a comprehensive approach that includes emissions from all scopes (the super categories of the calculation)

neoomiversum neoom Universum
corporate carbon footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint

How is the Corporate Carbon Footprint calculated?

The corporate carbon footprint is a calculated value that quantifies how many greenhouse gases a company's business activities emit and what contribution the company thus makes to global warming. The various greenhouse gases, which are defined in the Kyoto Protocol, are converted into so-called CO2 equivalents. For example, the CO2 equivalent of methane is 28, because it contributes 28 times as much to global warming as CO2.

The calculation of the Corporate Carbon Footprint is based on the  Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which summarises the various aspects of business activities in three scopes, sets global minimum standards and establishes a guideline for the extended calculation.

Case neoom

Corporate Carbon Footprint

We have calculated the corporate carbon footprint since 2021. Here you can find the figures for neoom in 2022:

Case neoom

Measure the carbon footprint

We have broken down the results into three scopes, whereby the largest share of this result was in scope 3, i.e. indirect emissions. This is an area that, according to the minimum standards, is usually not recorded at all.

Scope 1
measures the direct emissions generated by company-owned facilities or fleets.
Scope 2
contains the purchased energy.
Scope 3
includes indirect emissions, such as commuting employees or services purchased.
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Case neoom

Reducing the carbon footprint

The primary goal is always to reduce emissions. This is the only way to make a significant contribution to a sustainable climate future. Therefor, the neoom team has set itself the goal of reducing the average footprint per employee by 7 tons.

Reduction measures:

  • Sustainable business locations: Headquaters Free City, THE ICON VIENNA, Designoffices
  • Sustainable employee mobility: Pave commute
  • neoom vehicle fleet: conversion to 100% e-mobility by 2030
  • neoom Team GREEN: development & implementation of climate protection projects in the company
75% of the neoom fleet is electric: in 2022, an impressive 1 million kilometres were covered with e-cars.
Employees travelled approximately 250,000 kilometres by train on neoom business trips in 2022.
THE ICON VIENNA is one of only 14 buildings in the whole of Austria that has achieved the highest internationally established sustainability standard.

Case neoom

Offsetting the carbon footprint

Some emissions are unfortunately unavoidable, which is why neoom takes responsibility for the CO2 caused and finances climate protection projects that offset the emissions incurred. In doing so, the company has chosen internationally recognised projects. Currently, 10 climate protection projects in the carbon portfolio are supported around the globe. The projects include both CO2-avoidance and CO2-removal strategies.

Learn more about the supported climate protection projects and how you can invest in the Carbon Portfolio with the GREEN skill:

Infos on Carbon Portfolio & GREEN>

Gruener Daumen - kompeniseren

Case study neoom

Recycling of batteries

We ensure that the batteries we place on the market are appropriately disposed of and recycled by already paying charges for them when they are placed on the market. These fees are due within the framework of extended producer responsibility. At the end of the service life of the neoom electricity storage device, the customer can return them free of charge to a designated collection point.   

Our recycling partner adheres to the standards of the Austrian Battery Ordinance (Batterieverodnung) (based on an EU directive, therefore also applicable in Germany) and ensures that everything from transport to storage and recycling is done safely and in accordance with the law. 

In the meantime, science has managed to increase the recycling rate to >90% for battery cells.


at eye level with our sustainable partners

Making the energy transition a reality and ending the climate crisis is neoom's ultimate goal.
This requires cooperation in various areas through which a continuous movement towards this goal takes place.



neoom is particularly pleased to be working with Climeworks. The very young, innovative company enables neoom to go one step further and achieve more than others even dare. Here, the latest technologies are used to reverse emissions that have already been emitted. Even though neoom's focus is always on reducing emissions, some cannot be avoided. With Climeworks' technology, part of this CO2 is directly extracted from the atmosphere (Direct Air Capture) and permanently bound in stone.




To collect and offset the corporate carbon footprint, neoom has chosen to work with Climate Partner. The company works with the standards of the GHG Protocol and guarantees that the CO2 compensation certificates purchased meet the highest standards such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. By supporting climate protection projects in developing countries, neoom can on the one hand make an important contribution to closing the financing gap for such projects and on the other hand do justice to the social dimension of sustainability, as the projects help to advance several SDGs.




Carbonfuture provides carbon removal you can trust to create a just and liveable future. The company’s digital platform tracks carbon from the air to the ground, translates this carbon removal into verifiable credits, and enables the scalable trade of these credits for real climate action. Carbonfuture’s Tracking System solves carbon credit uncertainty by utilizing third-party methodologies, auditing, and certification as well as full digital traceability from physical removal to retired credit. 

System partners

System partners install unique, holistic neoom solutions in the field of decentralised energy systems. Only with system partners it is possible for neoom to scale energy transition and install the products where they have the greatest benefit. neoom is happy to count more than 360 system partners in 3 countries among its network and is excited about the profound cooperations that have been concluded here.

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