"Kolm Moden" relies on know-how from neoom for its energy generation

People have long been aware that sustainable energy production is one of the most important factors if future generations are to find a planet worth living on. The vision of neoom is to actively shape the energy transition through decentralized energy generation, while also achieving the highest possible independence from the conventional electricity market.

That’s why, more and more companies are deciding to put energy production into their own hands. To be able to do so, neoom provides them customized overall concepts or individual components. Recently, the company Kolm Moden GmbH implemented a 195 kWp photovoltaic system at its site in Freistadt, which gained greater independence in the process. This is because now the company's own generated electricity can be used, which means less purchase costs for external electricity.

neoom is the regional partner that supplies everything from a single source. "We are convinced that the decentralization of energy generation is the key for a sustainable future of energy. For this purpose, our systems offer the optimal interplay of hardware and software, which is now also being used at Kolm Moden, providing the site with a great deal of independence from the conventional electricity market," says Walter Kreisel, founder and managing director of neoom, and Gernot Kolm adds: "The issue of resource conservation is a major concern for us. However, using solar energy directly is not only an ecological idea, but also a great way to save on electricity costs. We have enough unused roof space for a PV system that supplies us with sustainable energy."

Internet of Energy Plattform

With NTUITY, it was possible to determine the demand in advance and to develop a customized energy concept. From its commissioning onwards, the entire plant is always visible live with its generated and consumed power. If there are any problems or updates are necessary, a notification is sent by email and everything is displayed in the Internet of Energy platform, both in an overview and in detail.

Nuity - Energiekonzepte einfach und schnell erstellt

Gernot Kolm GF Kolm Moden
"We were very satisfied with the cooperation. Neoom listened closely to our request and found the right solution for us. The process was smooth and the service unbeatable."
Gernot Kolm
Managing director, Kolm Moden

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