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Together we start a
renewable energy revolution

Do you produce green electricity yourself? Or would you like to be able to consume 100% green electricity even without a PV system? A renewable energy community (RES community) is definitely something for you! And that's why everyone can join in, regardless of whether they are private consumers, entrepreneurs (SMEs) or municipalities.

Your advantages:

  • Future-proof
  • Electricity price security
  • Easy entry into e-mobility
  • Guaranteed green electricity

The way is clear

The Renewable Energy Expansion Act Package (EAG) enacted in 2021 provides the legal basis for renewable energy communities.

Austria is taking a pioneering role in Europe and is the first country in Europe to enable its citizens to join together in the form of a renewable energy community and share sustainable electricity with each other!

The legal form of a renewable energy community can be an association or a cooperative. neoom has decided to found RES communities as associations, as the foundation, participation and operation is less complicated and cheaper for everyone!

How a
renewable energy community





Even now, a single-family home can be energy self-sufficient - and able produce excess electricity - thanks to the right combination of energy generation and storage. A RES community is basically accessible to everyone: private households, businesses, municipalities. By founding a RES community, people who aren't able to produce their own energy supply, will also be given the change to benefit from that energy in the near future - and thus actively shape the energy transition!

If there is not enough energy produced by the Energy Community, it will continue to be supplied by your energy provider. Don't worry, the lights don't go out by joining an energy community.

How much
does electricity cost?


The price for the excess electricity is determined jointly by the members of an energy community.
Due to the
planned exemption from the green electricity subsidy, the elimination of the electricity levy and reduced grid utilisation fees, the total price for all members is already significantly below the current electricity price.

Current electricity price (non Renewable Energy Community member): 22 to 46 cents/kWh*
*Electricity prices are currently at an all-time high

Electricity price in an energy community: 


8-12 Cent

Revenue per kWh


Become an energy trader and benefit from stable feed-in tariffs in a fair and inclusive market.


13-19 Cent

per kWh


Get cheap electricity from your neighbours, without middlemen and at a fair price.

We support you and your community in finding a fair benchmark*. In addition, appropriate subsidies for new renewable energy systems can be claimed.

*We set a tariff at the beginning. In the process of operation, we will adjust this to the electricity prices of the individual members, so that the community benefits jointly from energy trading.

These are the advantages
of being a member of a RES community

  • You pay a lower electricity price than from conventional suppliers.
  • You buy 100% green electricity from the region.
  • You earn higher returns if you sell your surplus electricity in the RES community.
  • The costs are already fixed when you register for the APP. So everyone knows what to expect.
  • Each RES member can purchase electricity within the community.
  • Each RES member can provide his/her excess energy within the community.
  • We take care of the foundation, billing and invoicing of the energy community. This means no effort for you as a member to set up or organise an energy community.
  • The billing for the purchased and sold electricity is also fair and transparent.
  • You have a clear, comprehensible and safe overview of your data at all times using your own personal energy and finance dashboard.

Regardless of whether you contribute energy yourself or obtain regional energy via this route, as part of the energy flow you actively contribute to the energy transition and ensure electricity price and grid stability.

Become part of the sharing economy -
become part of the energy transition!

neoom helps you to find like-minded people in your area and to network with them. After founding a joint RES community, nothing hinders your local electricity trade. It's so easy to be part of this innovative "sharing economy"!


Let's go KLUUBing!

Pre-register now for the neoom KLUUB and become one of the first members of a renewable energy community. As soon as the neoom APP is launched, we will inform you exclusively.

The path to your future
energy-saving community






10 members are needed to start the community. Tell as many friends and acquaintances as possible and start the energy transition together. Your pre-registration for the neoom KLUUB is your ticket to a network of like-minded people!



03your renewable energy community





We assign you to the most suitable EEG or found a new one automatically. This requires some bureaucracy - but you can relax: We'll take care of all that for you!




Questions and the right answers

What is a RES community?

A renewable energy community is a local or regional association as a club or cooperative. This RES community can involve citizens, municipalities and companies (SMEs). The aim of the community is to jointly generate, store and consume electricity.  This way, you can easily share your self-generated electricity with your neighbours.

How many members are needed to form RES community?

There have to be at least two members. The more interested people there are in your area, the faster we can initiate a foundation.
Therefore, try to inspire ten members and a municipality in your region. 


How long does it take to found a RES community with neoom?

The more RES community-enthusiasts from a neighbourhood register, the sooner we start with the foundation process.

After your registration on the neoom KLUUB is completed, we start with the foundation of a RES community. We take care of the bureaucratic process, which takes several months depending on the response of the stakeholders (grid operators, EDA platform, ...).
We try to complete the process for you as quickly as possible. 

Does neoom found local or regional RES communities?

We are starting with the foundation of regional RES communities in order to give as many citizens as possible access to regional electricity.

What are the technical requirements for an RES community?

To ensure that your electricity consumption can be tracked at all times, a smart meter must be installed in your household.

What formalities are to be expected?

After your successful registration on our KLUUB, we need the following documents from you:

  • electricity bill

  • letter of intent

  • power of attorney for grid operator communication

Once you have registered on the neoom KLUUB and foundation of a RES community in your region, we will send you your energy supply contract. As soon as we have received the signed energy supply contract, you can start regional electricity trading!

Do I have to switch my electricity provider?

No, your existing electricity supplier remains active. The RES community is an additional supply.

Where do I find out my transformer ID or substation ID?

For the allocation of a RES community, we need your transformer ID and substation ID. The ID query is made by entering the metering point number at the respective grid operator. We at neoom take care of the query for you after you have given us the power of attorney for the grid operator communication.

Are you still curious which ID is assigned to your point number? You can carry out a quick check online with the following network operators:

How does the electricity distribution work?

The members of a RES community primarily consume the electricity they produce themselves. If the electricity consumption is higher than the production in the RES community, the remaining electricity is purchased from the respective electricity provider. Electricity is distributed among the members on a percentage basis - easy, transparent & fair.

Here is an example:

In this example, the total electricity consumption is 12kWh, the RES community produces only 10kWh. Therefore, 2kWh are drawn from the grid.
The municipality has the highest electricity consumption with 4kWh, which corresponds to 33% of the total consumption. The municipality therefore draws 3.33kWh from the RES community and 0.67kWh from the grid.

How does the data management work?

The grid operator is responsible for your data. The EDA platform reads the data from your smart meter every 15 minutes. We receive this data on a daily basis via the platform.

More information about the EDA platform:

Where can I get more information about energy communities?

Find more FAQs on the topic of the Renewable Energy Sources Act:

Find more information on the topic of energy municipalities:

Take the first step
on the way to the energy transition...

... and secure valuable time and knowledge advantage
with your registration until the foundation of the neoom renewable energy communities!