Free City: Booting started

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Walter Kreisel: Booting der Free Citiy

In order to start the first phase of Free City, the "booting", the progress of construction was presented to tenants, regional politicians and Leonore GewesslerMinister of Climate Protection, in the course of an exclusive preview, including a tour of the construction site. neoom was there as an anchor tenant with its employees and board members Walter Kreisel and Philipp Lobnig.

On Thursday, 18.08.2022, the Minister of Climate Protection, Leonore Gewessler, and other regional politicians as well as the project managers of the Free City arrived in Freistadt for the booting of the Free City. This occasion sets an important sign for a sustainable world of work.

The Minister's journey to Freistadt was already marked by sustainability: she went by train to Freistadt - on her further journey she drove an electric car from neoom to the Freistadt Technology Center, neoom's current headquarters.

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After her arrival, Minister Leonore Gewessler got an overview of neoom's products and current projects. She took the opportunity for a lively exchange with neoom's employees.

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"I was very pleased to be invited to neoom in Freistad. It is really encouraging to meet so many committed people here. In all these conversations, you can really feel plenty good ideas that start from here and are brought into the world. Thank you very much for the exchange," said a delighted Leonore Gewessler, Minister for Climate Protection, after the talks with neoom's employees.

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Free City: a different Dimension


Shortly afterwards, the booting of neoom's new headquarters, the Free City in Galgenau in Freistadt, began. Arriving at the Free City, the different dimensions of the Freistadt Technology Center and the Free City were immediately evident. The Minister also met with representatives of the State of Upper Austria, the Mayor of Freistadt and the executing managers of the Free City. "The site inspection made it clear to us: something really big is being created here, another dimension, a whole world - a new world of work. Completely in the spirit of sustainability, but more than just a symbol, because sustainability is thought through to the end and is really lived!", the impressed mayor of Freistadt summed it up. Those responsible for the project used the opportunity to once again outline the work on the project and the cooperation with the tenants of the Free City: "It was challenging to create a project of this dimension completely sustainable and new as well as to re-evaluate the previous approach and to combine sustainability with design. We could master these tasks only together  to conquer new horizons!", said Ben Elmecker, designer of the Free City. The executors were also delighted by the collaboration, which was characterized by high speed, regionality, partnership and the willingness to learn from mistakes.

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neoom employees were also welcomed as neoom heroes and part of our vision for the future of Free City. They enjoyed the afternoon together with snacks, drinks and Freistadt beer.

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We are pleased that the start of the first phase of the Free City - the "booting" - received such a keen interest by Austrian decision-makers. We are already eagerly awaiting the final phase, "arrival", and with this, our move into the Free City - and a brilliant opening ceremony!

Read more about Free City here.

Leonore Gewessler LinkedIn Profilbild
"The energy transition has never been more important than now - in securing our energy supply and in the fight against the climate crisis. To this end, we need every contribution. That is exactly what is happening here in Freistadt. neoom is building the future - quite literally with a new, sustainable company location! That is encouraging!"
Leonore Gewessler
Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Austria
"I am pleased that we were able to present our construction progress of the Free City to high representatives of the state and the republic as part of our booting and thus demonstrate: we take it serious - and are working on our mission at the speed of light!"
Walter Kreisel
CEO & Founder neoom

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