Review of the Powerdays 2021

Our mobile training series recently came to a worthy conclusion with the neoom Powerday in Munich. Due to the great interest, we were able to welcome a record number of participants to the grand finale in the Bavarian capital.

One thing is already known for sure: we will go on tour again next year

Der große Andrang bei durchweg allen Terminen hat unsere ohnehin schon hohen Erwartungen übertroffen und gezeigt, dass wir mit dieser Veranstaltungs-Serie bei unseren Systempartnern offene Türen eingerannt sind. Die meisten von ihnen teilen unsere Einstellung, dass beim Wissensaustausch nach wie vor nichts über persönliche Gespräche geht.



There is nothing like personal conversations

That's why our team travelled to Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Innsbruck and Munich to meet our system partners in person and discuss the latest developments and industry trends with them in a relaxed atmosphere. This offer was generously taken up - many of the participants eagerly used the opportunity to ask our colleagues technical questions in person and to network.


Successful training courses

This gave the sales, product and live installation training sessions offered an extremely interactive character and ensured a comprehensive exchange among the participants. A big highlight each time was the installation training on the specially brought KJUUBE. In addition to a wealth of information about our products and services, all participants also gained many interesting insights into the neoom group.



Our CEO and founder, Walter Kreisel, was also present in Salzburg and Munich and took the opportunity to inspire the system partners and present our vision of saving one gigatonne of CO2. But other topics were also addressed, such as the great lack of personnel in many partner companies and what could be done to inspire qualified applicants.



The enormous interest in our vision of a decentralisation and democratisation of the energy supply was the common thread running through all the events


And this is where we come full circle, because our experience has shown that today in particular, more and more job seekers are specifically looking for companies that want to make a difference and contribute to a sustainable future. And this is exactly the opportunity we offer our partners: together we tackle and make an important contribution to the success of the energy transition and the decentralisation of energy supply.


We would like to sincerely thank all participants for the inspiring conversations, the good exchange at eye level, the many interested questions and suggestions and the overwhelmingly positive feedback on our Powerdays.

"250% towards the energy transition. A top event, great products and highly motivated employees! It's great pleasure with neoom!"

Markus Unger
Managing Director e.t.u. Elektrotechnik Unger

"Sustainable partnerships are a fundamental part of our business model. As kW-Solutions, we appreciate the eye-to-eye cooperation with neoom and we are very much looking forward to being able to provide even more power together. The Powerdays were an absolutely valuable event in terms of content as well as informality. kW-Solutions is already looking forward to the next Powerdays."

Benjamin Walch & Korbinian Kasinger
Managing Director of kW-Solutions

"You simply notice that the whole neoom team is fully behind the cause. Even during the personal welcome, I had the feeling that I belonged to the neoom team. I am glad that you have made the journey to Germany and I am sure that together we will succeed in convincing the customer of decarbonisation."

Christoph Kirschkowski
Kiko Elektrotechnik & Datentechnik

"The great interest shows that neoom is on the right track. You can immediately feel the positive energy among all the team members of neoom. I can imagine that this is the beginning of something bigger..."

Hans-Christian Pichler
Power Solution

"I especially liked the open exchange with customers and interested parties. The discussions gave us a deep insight into their processes, problems and most important concerns. At the same time, the participants appreciated that we listen to them and see them as partners at eye level."

Daniel Zamojski
Product Manager NTUITY, neoom

"Die Powerdays haben eine wirklich intensive Vernetzung mit unseren Systempartnern gebracht - Produktschulung und Rückmeldung gingen dabei Hand in Hand."

Michael Schneiderbauer
Head of Product Development, neoom

"I was delighted by the great response and the consistently positive feedback from both our new and existing system partners. The active exchange and cooperation within the team was extremely impressive."

Daniel Türk
Head of Product Sales D-A-CH, neoom

"My personal highlight was certainly the personal meeting with our system partners and the exchange during the breaks, as you could talk to the partners here in a relaxed environment. The discussions showed that we are on the right track with electricity storage systems with a grid replacement function and a holistic energy management system."

Frank Dörner
Sales Manager, neoom

"The neoom Powerdays 21 were a very successful series of events on decentralised energy systems with interactive formats and in the best atmosphere. I personally appreciated the direct exchange and the valuable feedback from our partners. We were able to discuss future topics such as the further development of the energy transition as well as current trends, challenges and solutions."

Julius Schärdinger
Head of Sales NTUITY, neoom

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