neoom: A star guides the way to the energy transition

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neoom: a star guides the way to the energy transition

In 2022, neoom has evolved from a rising star to a fixed star in the energy industry. So we can once again look back on a year full of shining highlights.

Where to start?

After all, there is a lot to report: From product launches, moves & office openings, joint successes & new neoom heroes and of course our partnerships!

A magical moment of digitalisation    

In 2022, our software department recorded a great moment of democratisation and digitalisation of energy supply with its new product, the neoom APP. The neoom APP does not only visualise energy flows, but with the APP's first skill - the neoom KLUUB - every person in Austria can quickly and unbureaucratically become part of an energy community. 

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Our engine and its space  

In order to be able to share energy with other people and use it wisely, it needs to be produced: Therefore, we sold 83,563.81 of storage capacity and installed 501 charging points in 2022

Something like this can only be achieved together: This is why we hit the 200-employee threshold in 2022. We are also pleased that we can always rely on the active support of our now 245 system partners.

Our neoom heroes are the (electric) motor of our mission. Just like in an engine, every single cog works hard every day to make the energy transition become real.

Such a big and powerful engine also needs a lot of space. Hence, we have raised the neoom flag in Germany and Switzerland for the first time in 2022 - with our two new locations in Nuremberg and Zurich.

We announce to you... 

Our neoom heroes are on fire for energy transition and love to ignite this fire in others. In 55 keynotes this year, they took our energy transition message to the world, shared their knowledge on renewable energies, gave insights into our projects and thus inspired others.

However, our neoom heroes have not only passed on the sparks of their inspiration, but also their knowledge: In 39 training sessions and webinars, they have shared their expertise on our products with system partners and customers, accompanying them a bit on their way to the energy transition.

Soon, knowledge transfer will also find more physical space at neoom: The Free City, which we will turn into our new headquarters as an anchor tenant in 2023, will also serve as a place for further training at the #neoomacademy. Moreover, our development lab for hardware and software as well as the sales headquarters as a location for service and support will be located here. With Wir sind Solar (We are solar power), it will also house the first neoom premium system partner on site, in order to be able to offer our solutions regionally too.  

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Products, Parties & Prizes

Our innovations ensure that there is always something new to learn:  

In 2022, we were able to launch three new products. Our new electricity storage system  KJUUBE Light S, with its fast set-up time and high level of safety, meets the high demand for decentralised energy systems. Our neoom APP with the first skill, neoom KLUUB, breaks new ground with regard to digitalisation of energy supply.

In order to present all these new products to the public for the first time, we naturally needed the right setting: Therefore, we used the occasion and celebrated our first #neoomlive from Germany,  #neoomliveX, together

#neoomliveX will shine as a bright star in the neoom sky for a long time to come. With that, he is in good company: Also our third birthday party,  #neoomlive03, attracted prominent speakers such as Marc Elsberg, the author of the book "Blackout",  and numerous guests right at the beginning of the year. At the Booting der Free City, we even welcomed the Climate Protection Minister Leonore Gewessler. In total, we welcomed 855 guests at our events in 2022. In the sense of democratisation, everyone was invited to join our event series #neoomlive via livestream. This invitation was happily accepted by 2355 viewers in front of their screens. 

This year we were not only happy about the products, partners and parties, but also about 5 brilliant awards! The EY Scale Up Award & the Green Award, the "Heute For Future" (Today For Future) Award for the neoom KLUUB and the Austrian Green Planet Building Award as well as the Regionality Award 2022. Our awards were not the only thing that made a big splash: The media reported on us in 106 articles - so no one got past neoom that quickly!  

White Christmas, green year 

However, the impact of our work in 2022 was even greater than just the sound of a media response or the confetti at a party: Sustainability is the overriding issue for us. We are therefore pleased that in 2022 we were able to accompany many people on their way to the energy transition and thus cumulatively save 50,000 tonnes of CO2 since 2019!

However, we do not only want to help other people to live more sustainably, but also apply the principle of sustainability first and foremost to ourselves. For this we were awarded the climate-neutral company status by Climate Partner in 2022. The fact that we as a company are constantly reflecting and working on the sustainability of our entrepreneurial activities is owed to our Team Green. The individual members of Team Green go beyond their work in the Green Tech company to ensure that sustainability is even more firmly anchored in the minds of our employees.     

This is also ensured by our five new Climate Rangers of the Academy. These rangers have been equipped with a lot of motivation and knowledge for climate protection in companies. Through the exchange between different companies, our Climate Rangers are now inspired to follow the path of sustainability further and implement even more sustainability projects at neoom.  

Speaking of five: In 2022, we gained not only five new Climate Rangers, but also neutralised the entire personal CO2 footprint of our first five employees - who have already been with the company for 5 years. This meant that 5 x 50 tonnes of CO2 were neutralised.

Since 2022, we have been offering all our neoom heroes the possibility of sustainable mobility with PAVE, the app for our employee mobility. This year, our employees commuted on 417 tracked routes and thus saved 1,124.477 kg of CO2!  

At neoom, we always try to see all aspects of an issue and use our leverage - in the form of our 360° solutions - to make our planet healthier. To make the world a better place for everyone through a splash of coral colour, our Social Team formed in 2022. Together, we are working to strengthen our company's social impact too.

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Investment in Impact 

At the end of the year - and of our annual review - all that remains is to thank our neoom heroes: Our employees and also the so important system partners who work on the energy transition every day with their hard work. We thank our customers for their trust - and of course our investors who invest not only in neoom's growth, but also in the future of our planet!

All this thrust gives us the necessary energy to make the star from Freistadt rise even higher  in 2023!  



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