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Are we prepared for a climate-neutral future? More importantly: are those people who make major business decisions prepared? Do they know what needs to be done to ensure that the energy transition is a success?

The One 2 Zero project

There is no alternative to a net-zero future, but whoever thinks that the transition can be immediate and smooth has very little idea about the complexity of this change. The energy transition has massive long-term implications, not only for industries and the businesses that operate within them but also for every individual. And not just every individual working in those industries, but every individual, period. 

One 2 Zero, a green corporate startup of Salzburg AG, addresses these questions in a report - a booklet - aimed at decision makers in the Austrian economy. “Zero Emission Society Österreich” examines what measures need to be taken in the next three years in order to prepare companies and the public at large for the green transition.

Having carried out interviews with more than a hundred experts and decision makers from science, business and various interest groups, One 2 Zero compiled the booklet, which shows where the Austrian business environment stands economically, ecologically and socially when it comes to carbon emissions. The interviews provide fascinating insights into the workings of different industries and contain a lot of useful recommendations about what businesses must do to make sure they move towards climate neutrality, whether it concerns data usage, optimization, investments or networking.

Climate change demands a new way of doing business that emphasizes ecological and social aspects, and gives serious consideration to social responsibility and the strict avoidance of emissions. Today, a growing number of customers, employees and investors expect green products, and companies that meet these expectations are like role models other businesses can aspire to. In addition to making their own contributions, they serve as a source of inspiration for other companies. And the organizations surveyed by One 2 Zero are such role models.

91% of the participants interviewed said that they found the issue of climate neutrality “important” or “very important,” and 34% said they dealt with the topic of sustainability in a professional context on a daily basis. 60% use renewable electricity generation from the grid, and the same percentage use some e-mobility solutions, such as electric fleets or charging stations. One third at least partially compensate for the emissions they cause. When asked about how commitment to sustainability might affect them, 71% said they expected it to have a positive effect on their business model or their industry - two thirds of respondents have climate neutrality anchored in their corporate strategy.

These companies are already aware of what others have yet to realize: taking the path to net zero brings a clear competitive advantage and more financial success.

At the forefront of the green transition

It is by taking a proactive approach to challenges that individuals and organizations can ensure a sustainable world for both present and future generations. And Austrian companies are not standing idly by - quite the contrary. They are gearing up for the fight against the climate crisis and are showing how to fend it off. On the one hand, existing companies are decarbonizing their processes, products and services, and on the other hand, young start-ups are building their business with sustainability in mind.

neoom belongs to the latter group, and is featured in One 2 Zero’s booklet, described as a company that “has set itself the goal of getting more people to generate their own electricity and share it with the neighborhood.” The booklet quotes our CEO, Walter Kreisel, who was one of the interviewees.

“The point is that people who have the opportunity to produce electricity locally are treated fairly and are not penalized when they feed it in, so that the centralist can fill his pockets. When I send my electricity to someone in the neighborhood in the distribution grid, for the first time ever I only pay the actual grid costs incurred. The person who invests in a renewable plant can thus sell electricity to their neighbors at a low cost. This is a very fair opportunity for citizens, made possible by the state.”

Getting people to produce and share their electricity is, of course, only one of neoom’s many goals that together convey our overall vision: to decarbonize the entire energy supply by replacing fossil fuel raw materials with renewable energy sources. This is why, as the booklet puts it, “neoom builds decentralized and future-proof energy systems and helps companies reduce their footprint.”

neoom and the other companies featured in One 2 Zero’s booklet are on the right track, but we are all well aware that there is still a lot that can and must be done. Profound changes in our economic system and the establishment of a comprehensive legal framework will be necessary. New technologies and business models need to be optimized or given time to mature. At least some of the measures adopted to achieve climate and sustainability goals must be obligatory. And consumers must be involved in the energy transition.

The road to zero carbon is long and rough, with many twists and turns, but it’s the only road that leads to a sustainable future.

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