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At neoom, we work hard every day on the energy transition together with our partners. In our news you can find out more about the world of neoom, about our neoomians and, of course, the latest news on the energy transition! Our references are our visible visionary power. Every project is unique. That's why we like to tell its individual story in our reference stories.
You can find out more about our energy concepts for large companies, medium-sized businesses, car dealerships and private individuals!

From idea to kick off: founder stories

There is no doubt that founding a company requires more than just a good business idea. First and foremost, it requires personalities who can bring...

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The pressure is on

TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE THROUGH MARKET FORCES Several climate activists, some of whom are still very young, saw their liberties violated by the...

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Setting the stage for energy storage

How battery storage plays a central role in the smart grid The energy transition is in full swing as the share of renewable energy sources such as...

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Don't let a power outage ruin your day

The electrical grids collapse, the lights go out, chaos ensues. This is the doomsday scenario that unfolds in “Blackout – Tomorrow Will Be Too...

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How a superpower of solar, wind and batteries could turn our lives upside down

The costs associated with solar photovoltaics, onshore wind power, and lithium-ion batteries have been decreasing for years. This, coupled with an...

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Full speed ahead

Rather than undermining efforts to achieve a sustainable energy supply, the crisis is developing into a catalyst for energy system transformation.

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What should be considered when buying an electricity storage

MORE THAN 50% OF NEWLY INSTALLED PV SYSTEMS WITH STORAGE Today, more than half of newly installed solar systems are already equipped with battery...

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Subsidies, choice, convenience: what just drove the spike of electric cars?

While overall registrations of new passenger cars dropped by 38% from the same month of the previous year, registrations of full electric cars rose...

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Driving e-mobility with at-home charging

The move to electric vehicles is a key topic among fleet managers today. A significant reduction of carbon emissions can boost the company’s image by...

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FH Hagenberg explores the potential of smart energy

The Mobile Computing degree programme at Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences focuses on the potential of modern energy systems in the field of...

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neoom review of a special year 2020

In the past 12 months, we have thus achieved a great deal together and once again exceeded our expectations. As highlights from the numerous...

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